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*GOOD* boye

Did you know this is Jeff Beto the guy who created amazon. Wow.

iM a FiGhTeR

Sonny Forelli

Except for Ghost Recon Brea and watch dogs, I am not interested or excited.

Sprites good

Honestly she sounds like a girl.


That’s scary and mad

Lieutenant Keef

With my bipolar I get sad, paranoid and anxious.

Ginger Pale Vlogs

Lebron james

Eri Risi

With no other words this movie was the best (i have ever seen)

roeikiller 10

who saw in 2019 Like

Gamer The Kid

the inncredibles



Hajar Saadi

1:28 OMG 😂


Man. I thought there was gonna be a Dark Souls Easter egg lol

Mr. Eggroll

You guys should do a career stereotype


who knew the gods will go into the dry cleaning business 

Thats all.


flip a car

Divita IsAwesome

I knew it when I saw, SUPREME LEADER

I stared into her lifeless eyes. She was pale and rather... blue! I immediately knew what was going on. God had given me hope, to live with my girlfriend for a night before she could come to his eternal home in heaven where a good person like her would belong. Yet I couldn't control my tears as they flowed. My tears fell on her clothes. My grieving self shocked yet utterly sorrowful to process what had happened. It was later revealed that a poison had been injected into her. However it would only take effect while she was sleeping. I couldn't believe my ears as to how some people could be so cruel to do this.

Traci Marrero

My kids love watching u guys

please sub :(

Lottie Houston

This sounds like a friend of mine this happed to her in primary school

Alexandra Jones


X Machina

my reaction is what the freak is happening!!!

Leigh-ann Crowley

Cool guys

Larice Sy

She could just adopt one :\


Huele a historia

Jap pato



You can find the bear in Battlefield 2 aswell :)

Getrekt_21savag3 Playz

I can't believe his hands said f*** you (middle finger)

Really Beats me I have asthma

Aaron Aiden

So cool them shot

Rabbid R29

Hey Tati, you might not read this but I don't know who to tell my worries to except here. Recently I don't feel pretty anymore. I used to quite like my face but everybody kept telling tht I'm just average, which is not bad but they said they never considered me pretty or beautiful either. It made me feel real bad and don't care about how I look anymore. And recently I don't even want to see my face on the mirrror. But anyways, I love hearing you talk about positive things so thank you for uploading🖤

Aaron Hernandez

It’s really not that hard to spell Brian you’re retarded

Patrick Simon

Thebest Chris Brown❤️❤️❤️❤️

Savage Prone

I saying this console might cost about 600 or more maybe

M-AXT FighterCrow

That gnome is from left 4 dead


Captain Chicken

Why not the Lassie reference from Fallout:New Vegas, when before you switch Rex's brain, talk to Rex and he will howl, then he will bark when you pick: Jimmy Fell down a well?'' Then a marker will be added to your pip boy. When you arrive to ''Jimmy's well '' go inside, then the skeleton of a boy will be next to a BB gun and a cowboy hat, and a mole rat.

Rocket Santana


Robby Harrington

6:27 breesus christ


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