Community garage sales are fun: Check out the surprise in the backpack!

Community garage sales are fun:Check out the surprise in the backpack!The haul was smaller, but decent quality items.We had lots of fun, so check us outPatreon:to Items I Use (yes, they are affiliate links to help support the channel) Heat Gun for removing stickers Camera for VideosWeb CamPrinter for FBA labels and shipping labelsMicrophone for YT live showsHeadphonesCamera for interview videos and ebay pictures Bar code scanner 2nd Bar code Scanner Scotty Peelers to remove stickersBox Resizer Poly bag setDymo LabelsHand cart 3 n 1Contact Information:Scott ZilkePO Box 605Meridianville, Al35759


Where in London was this filmed?

super smash productions

My sister is still confused by this

Fahri Hendra

Bung sempurna?😂

Connor Lawrence

before kd lost all respect


9/11 2019?

Me:Why i am i watching this on vacation.

Kiddy Contest Songs

Old video is old.


Japanese really makes everything sound so much nicer (even though they clearly have an accent but that's ok, it's still nice)


wow who make one punch man you are the greatest make anime with no mistake are easter egg


Who’s watching in 2018!!

Hurricanesfan 20!

I love Garret’s Hartford Whalers hat!!!🐳🐳🐳

Elena Elena

Are they gonna get the plate back 🤣🤣🤣😜

violentpython _69



My dog and my cat are the reason I keep on fighting ❤


SKRT i8 watch me lane switch if fw wit it

A while later at school I got called put and found out my dad was dying, he had heart failure. He had a 95% chance of dying.

Joe Bigs

Purple hoser got humbled

love you

this story sounds so familiar

Click for Fuck all

that kid need to pee

Dustin Ellinger

sick vid

Katie Kompara

I got a ticket


6:18 “Idk lol.”

Antoine Noir

why are hidden cars Easter eggs?

channel valdez

If you are paralyzed did you get hurt when you fell out of the weel chair


Reads title

Gabby Langston

I own the first product! That’s crazy and cool at the same time.

they be hyping their e3, but then the final game looks dogshit

DenisdailyRBX Gg

I saw panda eyes with panda no looking

Jaclyn Johnson

I think the rage monster is theRageous he really puts the b in oom


Please make flip editon 3.... 👌👌👌👌👌the one who wants so 😘😘😘😘😘 just like my comment👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Crystal Taylor


Emma Lucy

they suit all concepts, the queens are killing it🖤👑

Myles Lee

There gonna release halo with this console


Hahahaha i found this funny, because in Finnish language matto means carpet. :D

Jai King

You need a volleyball court for matches and trickshots.

Shreya Gin

He is Disgusting, Scum, Slag, and Monster. Someone should cut his lower part.

super tricks

First duck men then do - offfff

Queen Lauren

This video brought tears to eye 😭 It don’t feel real, I fw with this video & song. I know Nipsey proud of his homie. I feel Nipsey in the video. He has a strong spirit! He died for no reason, literally over nothinggggg!


grass effect

Adolf Hitler

easter eggs for mafia 3? or fallout 4?

Big Juicer

what is that thing on the bottom of the screen??

Sangwa Free

The boy is looking bad but the girl looks good


i had a girlfriend with i'd go out for a date, things didn't work out and we broke up on peaceful terms then she found boyfriend and i wanted to congratulate her but she acted like i wasn't there and that boyfriend is my childhood friend it is like we grew up together. They didn't want to talk to me for unknown reason (if i'd done something that would be another story) it is like they hate me but as i now have more influence in my neighbourhood,nice house,good quality job(pay is more than average) they kinnda wanted to get on my good side,but it "worked" we started to have fun go skiing,playing (european) football etc. One day a information came to my ear that they are not respected in part of neighbourhood that i lived in (1,5 km away) so i as usual my parents thought me never feel sorry for anyone and only help those that you fell in debt. While i didn't do anything cuz i didn't feel in debt more like they felt in debt but story takes a turn here when i noticed bruises on that girl (now a married woman) and i asked myself "she must have been abused" (traditionally in our country that is a kinnda normal thing) when i went to a bar i saw him hanging out with his friends and drinking beer (like 8 bottles which has 5% alcohol) and he would curse at his woman (that time it felt for unknown reason) i started to follow him to his house (was pretending i go for a walk) then i saw how aggressive he was turning out to be he would start hitting her with everything that he could get his hands on while i watched i didn't feel anything towards them. I stated next day that we should start hanging with someone else and end that "friendly" relationship with them. Hope this story serves as a lesson to men that want to have a girl and are aggressive.


Hey Guru, they were saying there was a nerdcubed easter egg. Did you find it?


this um looks so fake

my penis is extremely small , but


Pan Duck

When I Was 3

ωillσω τrєє

Introvert comfirmed Breakthrough'breakthrough

Laxmi Varshney

Coby won

Jack Jaramillo

Yeah. Go Volleyball.


the last one was a bit too much for me if u focus on it u can see the sweat


talk MORE!


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