Copenhagen - GameNight! Se6 Ep40

Start of Game: 10:00End Game Discussion: 38:25Tonight on GameNight! Nikki, Rusty, Dave and Lincoln play Copenhagen, designed by Daniel Skjold Pedersen & Asger Harding Granerud and published by Queen Games.For more information about Copenhagen:

So; if anyone is coming through it and feels that it's their mistake, don't!

My name is Fred

nomu kiyowo

Can't wait ,CAN'T WAIT!!!

Mr. Funny-Jeans McGee

0:56 Dude with white hat fails jump...


Does the music not give anyone else twilight princes vibes?


build a boat battle

valeria rivas



couldnt it be 4 players instead of 3? :(


i wonder if the guys look back at this video after hearing about all the stuff Manziel has done

chrystal gopal

we love and support you for your vision

Lil Pozzer

Nice bro

Izaan ur rehman

How many times did JLo said thank you.

Autumn Laster

I love that in every gam that involves using a sword, it comes with a gun for a secondary

Jamiethatgamer456 PlayzRoblox

ayeee im from south korea

Moneyca Playz


Kristie Sniffen

Go pats

provideogamer 13

We all know now that the old version of Garret is wrong

Neet Boss

because they don't own crash anymore. and for a loooong time at that.

Donna Joseph

Open relationship or not that’s messed up. And WTF they r abusive too. What about your brother how is he coping with this? Is he ok?

Sean Paul

Shoot a tennis ball


Great video and awesome song

Me: So, when they'll plan to sell collectors edition?


Tyler won the match



Theresia Ayu Isabella

Happy to find your artworks :)) thank you!!

Kevin White

Sandy cheeks built a dome at the bottom of bikini bottom, Thor : Really?

New life of me

Tom Brady

Sam Yan

KD is gonna save his legacy by pretending that he hasn't recovered.

Ziyam Kham


Him: oh-

S t x r r y C h e l s e a

after they said " Do Not Try this at home " I immediately want to try this at home

Seth B

YOU FORGOT THE TARDIS ONE ON GOOGLE MAPS type in 236 earls court road W.8 and you will see a police box then tap the up arrow key a few times and your inside the tardis

Ra y

Fallout 4 was the best thing Bethesda came up with in the Fallout series.

notice me Senpai

0:33 i was diagnosed with depression when i was 13. I went to a therapist for one year.. and now im much better (not really bcs of the therapist tho)

Cwt_ kOoK

4:21 "the police offizers"😂

Meyikk Gacha

I thought it said “I’m getting depressed against my will” and I was like bish me too

Willow Joy

She’s crying because she got a b

Jazmin Lopez

Is it me or did the guy look like tadshi from big hero 6 in 0:37

hakan aydın

Best ending ever!!!!!

Mitali Bhardwaj



Yo guru i hope you dont disable ratings/comments on this channel too, kinda sad for that channel, getting so many trolls...... anyway great vids, im loving this series

John Demetriou

What does duke say at 4:23 ?


Pensé que era eminem wtf

Blaise Farese

gaming room

Rival pro Adams Adams

Rage friend

Henry Beckman



i dont get number 4

Alex Berganza

4:55 if you actually want to see Easter eggs

karthik nataru

Usain bolt


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