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SUBSCRIBE for more PC Games Facts ► Secrets & Censorship ► ► this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history from Cuphead! Through our analysis of the game, its gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some interesting facts from the making of Cuphead and have its history explained.Follow DYKG on:Twitter: Reading:

Andy Chavez

It would've been awesome if jack from Jack in the box came out

Bosco Baracus

i think its the first time a developer make an easter egg of a souls series


Yeah, while U3 was being made only half of the studio was working on it. The other half was working on TLOU.

Around about 8 sessions..maybe more.Im doing ok off the meds.The 1mth off work helped me out big time.


Não é easter eggs,,,somente propaganda dos próprios games da Naughtydog!!!! Easter eggs é quando se tem referencia a outros games!!!

Mr. Oofball

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 so sad

Safiya Kanneth

Can you just make it from a large building

Nifemi Adegbulugbe

Oh my God my baby brother's birthday is June 22nd but I won't be able to be there because I didn't get a ticket love you guys with all my heart and you guys have got me through all the hard times in my life I love you

That's a difference😂

Me: there is no meaning in life


Nem'ro's Palace has so many easter eggs it should be called References' Palace


RIP Vern Troyer


Stop panda abuse


Yeah basketball is for ... You Thought


Ty could have brought his certificate for the cool not cool

Katherine Ellis


Blank Space

How come you just didn’t tell them that you didn’t want them to pay for you

Sujal Thakur

Clash royale on vr plzplzplzplz

Naveen Tilekar


Siomarilyn Galicia

The bear is so cool at this stuff


Honestly I love the reaction McQueen makes from the "flash" XD

I Do Not Agree

Halle Muddah Phukkin, Bone Cleaning, Beast Berry!!!!


Crysis 3 did the Thor hammer easter egg aswell but you could actually use it and it would shoot out lightning.

Natalie Dewitt

3:31 that person look like a carrot lmaooo

Cassandra Carrillo

snipedudsbubt whowinsi amafanbigoneokguysdoit

Lisa Clark

Kyle has more Purses, Shoes, and Clothes than Me Damn!

José Toyos

Welcome to Google!


I completely and totally support you and that is so UNFAIR!!!!!! TERRANCE OUT

A hunter Boy


your fan

Suck it up

random animations 4 u !

category: sport ;D

Levi Stewart

you guys should race motor scooters

·.-*Sparkle_gurl184 ·*-.


Vaas Montenegro

2:38... If you look closely on the bottom left of your screen... Is... that... the bear? From Toy Story 3? Keep that in mind that Toy Story 3 was released on 2010 while UP released on 2009...

Yamal Gzichol

lvl 69?

Top Prioritiez

What to do:

#awesome7 Lol

Did anyone else get a Hulu ad?

Tony Wolf

1:20 false start, 1:30 offsides on the offense


I'm amazed at his adoptive parents, they're so patient in dealing with his "anger and resentment" years and stick with him.

Chan _101

I do not understand number 3

When we got home, I screamd at her. Her 8th grade daughter, taught to never raise her voice to any adult, asked "What the hell is wrong with you?!". My dad taked to her, threatening divorce as this has gone on long enough. My mom already made up her mind after I screamed, though. To her, that was her "bottom of the pit". She decided, to stop and go to AA meetings. She lied that day though, and told me it was too much medication that she took and the doctor was very mad at her for it. I only learned after her concussion episode later on (First day of high school), as i was ready to understand.

Hugo Hedlund

Oh, I would've never figured that out :/


Is it Guru Kid or Kid Guru?

Simron Biswas

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Rickie HCA

''I wish you are HD'' From iraq❤

Manny Linares

R.I.P the old guy


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