Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Hollows of Londor

►Sister Video: "The Angels of Lothric" - video is about the potential DLC about the Hollows of Londor, but it's also an excuse to explain the central question to the entire series - "what exactly is the Dark Sign?". I also try to retroactively explain some old questions from Dark Souls 2. Enjoy!Sorry this one is late - it was supposed to be out last week but I got really sick.KINDLE THE CHANNEL [become a patron]►Souls 3 News: Lore: Souls Lore: Souls Lore: Souls 2 Lore: me on Twitter: me on Tumblr: me on me on Facebook: me on Patreon: ART►Outro & Avatar commissioned from characters by thumbnails by characters by by (please contribute your own!)►Russian subtitles by Will MaX - subtitles by Geekyapar! - (most is royalty-free or licensed from or Epidemic Sound)►►►►PATRONS►I'd like to give sincere thanks to all my patrons - your contributions have changed the course of my life, allowing me to put more emphasis on video production in the future.►Special thanks to Flame-God tier patrons - Guardsman Beyd, Tarradax, RequiemArc, Sebastian, Zac, Soren, Finlakris, Christina, Mitchell, FotiGames, Weston, Ash, His Dread Monarch, Nate Burundi, Ethan, Neco, DarkHeartedKill, Nicolas, Ben, Jim, KinOfKline, Wazuki, Mattison, Rasmus, Cross_wolfv1, Jesper, Colin, Jace, Brad, Jon, Noah, Ryan, Ethan, Mikkel, Huwiaden, Ricky


Why does she have pink hair?

Arctic Wolf Official

3:52 lmfao


5 people can't make insane basketball shots


Lol god damn Willy Wonka music for the portal section xD


did the ball just curved? O.O


Who wants an updated version?

Austin Fisher

Love austin

Gaming With Bryn

I fell like your parents should’ve taught your sister that smoking isn’t good. THEYRE more at fault than you are.

Srishti _crafts

It is the same story as mine...I m still going through this..Nd could not find courage to leave him...I don't know what to do 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Caroline Mnayarji

Doctor: You’re going to die

My daydream is of J-Hope

I hope so much for you that life will get better for you I’m so sorry a pray you will get a child

Kyo Louis

dem texs

Mr. Failure

Teeny edition next?!??

DJ Jazzy

This is sort of like what happened to me, I loved my grandma and still do but when I was only two she passed away of brain and lung cancer, it's been 9 years since her death and I still miss her and she said to my mom that I would be over at my grandma and grandpas house which is two hours away every single weekend to spend time with her and help her garden but she didn't live long enough for me to be sable to garden with her and I will always have a place in my heart for gardening I only like it because of her❤️❤️❤️

bimbore colore

How u supposed to know this Code ?

Mark Anthony Williams

Animators: So should we make a good trailer that will make people want to watch?Disney:Well yes but actually no

Emilia Cislaru

You can adopt one Kid . Those Kids are so happy to have the experience of having parents ore someone who can call them that way. It doesn't matter if the kids r material or not bc Real parents are the ones that grows the child up and take the responsability of a kid

Kim SeoYoung김 서 영

Her: I'm the only healthy one in my family.

Yuhua Guan

Do the person who founded YouTube!

If you have any recommendations for clips I could use, let me know!

Cage Master

Im curious how he would destroy his paper this year... Shooting it probably?


donot try this at home likeif you agrre

Rainbow PopShart

uhm no .-. its just not as good as grand theft auto can niko slap people in bunny suits with giant purple dildos I think not saints row is for those who want the gta type feel with childish crude humor I bid you a good day sir.. :L

Jon Edwards

Like if it's truly 2019

Children's Marketplace


Jack Murphy

The eagles need HIM

Heidi Bowers



Gaming With Colt

2:06 Jordan is back

Brook Bridwell

my fav was pool toss


Nice Battle DP! Btw, MP5 doesnt exist on ur guys's date and u cant find MK14s on the ground codes, gud vid!👍


you are awesome dude


On the first one, some people think it might be a sledhammer games reference

Me- * laughs like a japanese school girl *


damn i wish i had that skill another nice vid by dude perfect

Cristiana Bighiu Tofan

2:58 This argument is so lame... We blame ourselves because we did a mistake again. We can't change the past but is our fault.Now you say you can't change the past so you move on saying you will not make the same mistake in the future. The future turns into present, you make the same mistake and you blame yourself. It's your fault, right? It's not your fault that you can't change past but is your fault that you failed. Life is though but truth is truth, even if is unbearable sometimes.

Amazing AnimationYT

Her: are you my mom

Crawlic 0w0



YSAC never disappoints with a variety of cute animal footage. Just when I thought I could start recognizing the variety of pets--he surprises us with a new litter of kittens!


10:00 o.o


great vid as always bro :)

Tezabi Tota

Sponsored by Condom

J4mo Playz

You guys are truly perfect

Baba Techdev

Where is the Skillshare Course link?

Leilane Herondale

Disney: Here is the new trailer for Frozen 2Me: Fuck yeah!Give it to me! This is exactly what i truly want

Rebecca Goode

Ann’s kinda a b**

Caneshia Wade

You’re one of the best is your dog girl this Bestos boy flipper in the world I love your videos

Vishal Chaudhary

Why is the floor lava?

mohammad madu

Ellon musk


At least I don't feel stupid to haven' t noticed any of them: the 'GURU' ones are really smart and the others are well... soo blurry there was no way to see them.


Ty is the beast

Jared Brink

Cody is my favorite


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