Dead Rising 3 Trailer - Annie, Nick Ramos, Steamroller Motorbike

Dead Rising 3 Trailer: new trailer for Dead Rising 3. Catch a Dead Rising 3 cinematic trailer fresh from Gamescom 2013. In it, new protagonist Nick Ramos meets machine gun-toting Annie, gets shot by a giant zombie and welds together a flamethrowing steamroller motorbike. No gameplay this time, just a CG mini-movie. ---Outside Xbox brings you daily Xbox 360 and Xbox One videos. Join us for gameplay, previews, tips, guides, interviews and more. Find us at to us at Like us on Facebook at us on Twitter at

Twinkle Twinkle little Star...

Judah Sh

I love you battles They're always cool to watch, and great ideas to try.

Vida O-tawiah

Make more airsoft battle royal pls




can you do a dallas cowboys edition?

Caleb Harvey

Do dodgeball stereotypes, who agrees?


1,000 comment ;-;

Tommy Badowski

Anybody know what simulator they are using?

The Spanish Inquisition

what about the skyrim easter egg at the start of the game?


who is disliking this, do they know what music is?

affluent couple

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sabrina sanches

Theres this new thing mother nature made up its called wind bro


Omg! Family guy Mukbang!!! 😱


Wow, you've definitely have some time on your hands.... xD

Buena Vista Pictures


Good video I enjoyed it!!! Keep up the good work

BTS lover

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Aman Gambhir

Pubg battle

Joshua Critchfield

Definitely a giraffe

Andy Zuniga

did anyone see Cody got scared when he popped the balloon?

Nikolai Vonkov

The Power Armor is, what I believe, not a HALO Reference, but a DOOM Reference seeing as to both games are made be IDTECH Software.

Beard37 Wolf4

Film with dak Prescott

Diamond Scorpion

who’s watching from panda reveal?

Zachary Zikeli

rhe outlaws one scared the hell out of me

Butt Hole

Bruh over that? Omg 🤦🏻‍♂️ he didn’t even move.

Esther L

bro at first i thought she was gonna be butt naked and i was so confused

Lok Gurung


jimmy dude!

Yo "minute videos!" do you use ibis paint to draw these pictures?

Girl, I'm so high right now

wyatt nelson

who doesn't


How could you miss rum ham and how harlen sweets is Danny devito

David Hojeily


Catherine & Winter

Just adopt a damn kid


Barcelona Trick shots


1:00 It doesn't count. You potted the cue ball.


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