Diana and Roma play with Surprise Eggs & open toys

Diana and Roma turned into cartoon characters. Kids pretend play with surprise eggs and open toys Vampirina and PJ Masks.Diana's INSTAGRAM to Kids Diana Show -

Kiesch 23

Most of these are basketball

Jeffrey Rechtsteiner

Love dalls cowboys

Ava Subbarao

the villans name is Lord ghetsis this was made to sound like Lord gay sis

Caiden Braatz



4:37 I don’t want to say he’s a phycopath

Ansisi noble 6

I hered the song

Samuel Family and Friends

i was born early too i was born february but i survived too i feel this story

Fion Kong


Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

What a crazy rube mad respect

Ted Clay

WHO DA PANDA!! Like if you agree

Manny Volgs

wow amazing


wooow i actually found the dj khalid on your resident evil video and thought it was a coincidence, i thought it was really in the game.

Angelo Vela

Can you make a vid on arkham city batman



Ash Kan


vinny Pertrillo

Like Johny football

Adam G.

Who’s watching 2023?

Abdullah Jimmy

These easter eggs baffled me! Esp the halo 2 one


why didn't she burn the shit and leave

Kiri Loves Brownies :3

Woah, I knew being deported is terrible, but seeing this story really made me see how it effects people 😭💔


I was surprised to see that dinosaur

potato girl

Can't relate


I didn't get The Game Awards clip Easter egg in The Last Of Us......what a waste of time

Eric Royal

I’m 5’9 and still walks faster then your everyday 7 footer



America: wait that’s illegal

Trey Benavidez

from the field view it had like a ninja curve!!!!


Declan Rosset

The ball is being pushed by the auxiliary power unit, not photoshop.

Georgia Jeff

I enjoyed every minute of this. It was brilliant and fascinating. Thank you so much. Lots of love to you and Hila. Oh and Theodore. xxx and Shredder x

Dragon Master DJ


Fill in the blank

Rebecca Fucking White


Then i woke up


They should do a prank with man city and them doing tiki take and dress up like de Bruyne and Bernardo Silva it would be funny to see pep yell at them

jessica rogers

You guys are perfect I love you guys ❤️❤️🤗


Dayananda Shagolsem

Why dont u guys join the Olympic games


this video raises awareness but is probbo

Omein hd

Ich will ficken was für katya hol mir Kiely Jenner


Guru, can Ep: 115 be on Treyarch Zombies????........ please.... Like .... C'mon, ya?

Esra Itawi

Am I the only one that thinks Emma’s personality has changed a little, she’s a little less interested in Ethan, a littles less nicer and little more serious... thoughts? 🤔


Amir Gelle

I love both Manchesters and arsenal


Queen Bella

Hey guys did u see at4:41or 5:03 Lele pons

Kenny Williams

watched this so many times


I don't understand why Game of thrones was so bad? Someone pls explain

Berk aslan

Why did you prenounce the words that start with "wh" like stewie griffin

Jt Holden

Is it just me or does that baby look like akuma from ssf xD



Wtf With that guy?!

atharva Nigam Varma M m

Something just says this is not real? Do not know why.

Mary Acevedo

every time I watch Easter eggs it always has mr toots


and im 10 right now with a birthday of May 22

•Minty Foxx•

me: sees video title anthem: hold my beer

Chance Bell

I don't know man, I'm pretty sure the padme one was intentional, you can see the cloth from her top drifting to the ground in the next scene.

Jillian Kennett

Why does an 8 year old have a phone lolol

Binitta George

It's definitely not your fault!!!!!!! You were 9...You wouldn't have known.....Your mother's in a better place and she loves you. She watching over you and your family every step of the way. My grandma died this year on New Years Day and that's what I tell myself when I think about her...My brother was born on the day your mother died, October 18, 2011.


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