Dick Gaughan - Games People Play ! - WDR Folkfestival - ( Not Complete... )

Joel Delgado

Hadn't had a good laugh with a YouTube video in a while. Lol

Bunny Girl

I survived a tornado

blazzin djay gamer

Sunlight shoker is me😂😂😂


Is this loss?

Dark Reis

can you please make a video about 4th dimension? pls let me know if you'll (you can reply or sth for that :))

Nimai O'Connor



Unless there's a Mario theme at some point, I'm just going to go ahead and say wake me up when it's an axe trick shot video. Axes are just cooler plungers.

Rachel Kornak

Y'all should totally be on American Ninja Warrior 🙌

Thanks Doc

"Opinions" don't matter when it comes to facts about someone's identity. If your "opinion" is that you don't like someone because of their race, how do you think that will go over? Is that just something we should accept, or coddle people about? Hell no.

america fernandez de jauregui

I want to see u guys in person

jaycee vlogs

For the love of my life

Haneem Dalway

It's so true...people judge from the outside but don't understand '. I myself understand since I was physically ,emotional and verbally abused by my mother soon turned into a routine and fear ...I understand and I'm still recovering

Nikith Papa

guys you are asome I watched all of your episode and and please send me t-shirt

Bryson Blancaflor

Do you guys see ty’s dad beard in the thumbnail

Chy_gaming MORE

Why is there a styarfoem machine


Power wheels

Ashley Morris

My dad smokes... stopppp I’m crying


Thought it was cheese weeze


I will forever wonder when Jeffree is going to come out with a skincare collection that doesn’t have alcohol as a ingredient 🥺

a xbox one

Max Wenger

youshould make another madden video

Carly Lineberry


Brandon Cross

Score a hoop from the top of the eiffel tower

Thomas Belleau

You should do it with Patrick Mahomes

Perfectly Weird

The girl sounds like Valory Pierce

Morgan Timm

Best fticken double play at 0:00

Bernardina Santiago


Sari Parkkinen

Oh my god how bad im really sorry


I love your videos with commentary instead of those text messages that describe everything - this are so much better :)

Human Person Thing

sAy YeEtUs To ThA fEtUs

Cal Taylor

Oh my gosh Zelda looks so cute!!

luke fry

Anyone watching in 2019😭

Edit: thx for the likes it’s the most I’ve ever had


The Gears and Battlefiled easter egg was amazing :D


Awe I’m so sorry Jeffree! Almost a year ago I lost my best friend, Harley. He was my best friend and was always with me and by my side when I needed him the most. He left me so soon, but 6 years was all he needed to leave his paw print on the world. I bet Diamond and Harley are both looking down at us from doggie heaven giving us all the love and support that we need. Much love to you Jeffree and Nick!🐾💓

Z i n n i a

Jeniffer is an ugly mean girl

90 Day Challenge

ty you are my favourite. put up a dart board and through off huge darts off a 60ft. inflatable slide

Ki a

I like my own comment because no one else will 🙁

Liam Mitchard

why dont dude perfect play football in the NHL


I haven't watched the vid yet, but some of my favorites are: the HAL Easter eggs in Kirby games, and Scott Cawthon's voice is phone guy, in five nights at Freddy's, and the secret level in sumotori dreams.

Drew toy And games

I love your video jk

Sanic The Speedstar

last = my fav

Ben Ritchie

7:52 gurukids groceries

Jocelyn Perez

no wheel of unfortunate 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Star Queen

One show that helped me was Steven universe because I was being bullied for my interest in girls (I’m a girl) but that’s when the show taught be to love who I love no matter what.

Leeto Burrito

I'm watching this while eating tortilla chips...

The Gaming Potato

ponies XD

M1 M1

Andy Britton

This gets colder and colder every day can't wait for Frozen 2


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