Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Pretend Play

It's the Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 McDonalds Happy Meal toys! Princess Granny and Sparkles from Princess ToysReview go to McDonalds fast food to get a Happy Meal where Princess Pham is working! They share their Happy Meal toys and eat together! Watch to see which Disney Toy Story toys we collect today! This is a fun video for kids who love McDonalds Happy Meal and Toy Story 4!#princesstoysreview#mcdonaldshappymeal#toystory4Subscribe to Princess ToysReview to Princess Granny's WorldAND SEEK!JoJo Siwa HairdorablesBUY WHATEVER YOU CAN SPELL CHALLENGE!Says Yes to Everything Princess Pham wants for 24 Hours! NEW LOL Surprise Fuzzy Petsto Leave the Giant Ball Pit Wins! 24 Hour Challenge with LOL Surprise Boys!Marker Challenge with Disney Toy Story 4!Stick Your Hand In The Wrong Hole In The Wall Challenge! LOL Surprise Lils Wave 2

Andrew Barlow

Boo Tom👎👎

Boy are rich



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Mario bros thème song and litote star

Esmanur Ozdemir

She didnt make Harry Potter


Mica Bicaldo

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Mick Scott

Do AFL challenge

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Colby Ferguson

My favorite game of all time. Wow, this is great.


Your welcome dude perfect

lightning lord

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PotatoMoonlight Queen

i know how it feels.


Too bad it wasn’t marine one

Cody Covers

Can you do a real face reval

Zombie Gangster

The last one was funny lol


When he sing sound like Drake + Khalid .

La Moon ;3


Jeff Myers

You should do tyreek hill

Tavi Glover

The mortal kombat one....D:

Skeef Productions

I feel like all of the battles are rigged against Coby

Usually with pea soup on the side, with more bacon in it.

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Angel Berry

Caillou or Lex Luther

Pierre O. Park

When I heard you mention America’s Test Kitchen, I was imagining you and Rose (the Food Scientist) making food magic... 🤗🙃🤗

Nicholas Stiles


Fun Times

Come to India

Mad Max Rockatansky

Kept you waiting huh is not the same without Hayter.

Jessica Dear

i have and will always be team Coby

Gan la Deng

Is there a rule for spectators trying to catch the ball while it's still in play? 0:08 women in the blue shirt.

Bob (grandpa)    

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