DIY Marshmallow Launcher

DIY your own Marshmallow Launcher with a pool noodle. Super simple but BIG fun for kids of all ages. Come back next week for 5 games using pool noodles! Supplies needed for this game:1 pool noodle (cut into 4 inch sections)1 balloonscissorsDuct Tape in a bright colormini marshmallows✅Watch Pool Noodle Games for kids: Games for Kids Playlist: to my YouTube channel: me: —————————————🔴FOLLOW ME👣Facebook: Business Inquires email:****************************🎬EQUIPMENT SETUP:Ring Light: 8 plus: MY CHANNELby using the following affiliate linksEBATES link:You’ll get $10 cash on your first online purchase! CHILDREN’S MINISTRY link: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!


are those swiss balls covered up in a costume thingy?


God damn it frank.

Maro Mekelenic

Cody's haircaut is better


This is perfect yes

Kaylyn T.

This is how I feel everyday... I now learned that I have anxiety. No one knows, not even my best friend. I act like I'm okay, even though I'm not. I put on fake smiles, cause I thought people would like me. My expectations are who I'm not and I know it. I'm one of the "athletic" people in my class, but at recess I don't hag out with the athletic kids. I hang out with a boy (who is "weird" but acts like he likes me) with my friend. WHY IS MY FRIEND FRIENDS WITH ME?!?? IM NOT POPULAR LIKE HER BUT SHE STILL HANGS OUT WITH ME!!!! I feel like screaming.

Gavin Kielblock

Ty said fuck liberty


@KantKaril lol

Helen Totten

Germain ArenaFort Myers FL. Hockey rink, big stages, concession stands. Even if you don't come, its a great place to visit.

Viktoro LP

You shoot the car and a giant rat comes running....

Lyla my two year old sister, is super energetic and enthusiastic. When she was in my mom's stomach, Everyone, my aunt, my uncle, my cousin's, my pets, my grandparents, my parents, me, my little sister, my little brother, my brother,my sister, and my friends. At the hospital...

Snackarie Baterina

Dude Corey in the House was the best anime

Itzelina•_• 91

This is me se badly ever single word every single thing the video show is what happens to me all the time

Lydia raine

My head hurts watching this :/

Mason Wright



2019 anyone


for a long time


i don't like ty's win

Michele Williams

get a pump, i am a type 1 diabetic and i am getting one in May

Latha Sundaran

Coby will win

Ron Burgundy

Ha! Uncle Rico! He could have thrown a football over them mountains.


talk MORE!

icy corpse

I already fount the Dead Space easter egg from the rad brad

AJG_ 2006

Who took that photo???


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