DJ BoBo - The Sun Will Shine On You (letra+mensagem de ano novo)

Esta é a minha maneira de desejar um excelente ano de 2012! Espero que gostem.Créditos:Música: "The Sun Will Shine On You" (DJ BoBo)Imagens: os créditos estão presentes nas próprias imagens durante o vídeoEdição: Paty Consciente

The Eye

That’s what happened to my sister once. she try to have a baby but she lost her she had a disease that caused her to die before she was born My niece died from a chromosome disorder and I suppose that’s stillbirth and then she tried again for a second baby and that one died of a miscarriage and she tried again for a third time she gave birth to a baby boy

Daygan Gray

I had a funny thought just now when you mention Alton Brown. I immediately went hes my favorite American celebrity chef. Then it hit me your a celebrity chef now too! Well I guess Alton is just my favorite tv celebrity chef. My point to all this is, you need a tv show. Someone makes as many calls as it take chop chop.


Big Boi Bears

He kicked the ball with his toe!


Pretty sure pixar are the kings of movie Easter eggs

Sister Jimin-ah’s Halal life guide

Hawaii is a must go to place. Adding it to ma bucket list🔥

Jv_ Jizku

thanks this all xD

Andrew Thomas

fucking Cory in the House

ZNB Anims

And I had a girlfriend at 4.

Zavien Franklin

Hey! That's the same RV in monsters inc AND a bugs life!

Renato Tobaldo

Cazzo duro


Let's go to a place... where everything is made of blocks... where the only limit is your imagination. Let's go wherever you want to go. Climb the tallest mountains. Venture down to the darkest caves. Build anything you want. day or night, rain or shine. Because this is the most magnificent sandbox you'll ever set foot in. Build a majestic castle, build a new machine, or take a ride on a roller coaster. Play with friends, build your own little community. Protect yourself with the strongest armor that you can craft. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do. With no rules to follow this adventure is up to you.

Miss New Look

You are a horrible husband I'm disgusted😤

Bushi Puwit


attar azad

You suck

Katya Epafras

That stupid pervert.... If anyone who thinks this is gone to far, leave a like.

Madii sisss

Me: reads title

Melissa Andrews


still I rise


@JordanVincentFilm is it the black mass?


[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]


Ty cut his beird

I blame myself for every fight because I think I’m worthless and I can never achieve my goals Is that you real name or if that just a pen name?

Angela Lopez

There is a rumor at my school that a pe teacher (that is a girl) touches other girls in private places and that’s my teacher and I’m scared because whenever I change she stares at me and she is always asking about how is my relationship with my boyfriend going and I get so uncomfortable so I just say it’s okay and idk what to do she is always looking at my a** whenever I turn around someone plz respond🤧



Mo -

black mirror much? Degradation of society.

Blair Kapa

I mocked my bully saying “do you like me or something your so obsessed with me, stalker ew” and then he started getting called stalker lewl. And I was left alone cause he didn’t wanna look like a stalker 🤷🏽‍♀️

D i m p l e s

Grayson: freaks out after finding out about $800 robot vacuums.

Russell James Ryan

Treadmil sprinter


I Am weak in conversation....

David Yadav

Miss you



Mad Mike

7:01 how did Loki get there?!

Habiba a.k.a.

I think you are good for phisics


where the beat go?

Mr Hasko

When will be office love.


I'm from Ireland

Carolina Sepulveda

Do it with Ronaldo

XxHyper WolfxX

+Dude Perfect Blue Jays



lisa fisher

Why does Ty always win battles?

Fluffy Usagii


ghost blaze

and you know what cause all this here let me tell you your dad wanted the thing your mom gave it to him now you have many siblings Ta Da


Gosh, this was uploaded in 2011???!!!!!????

Andy M

When there’s still comments from like 2 days ago on a video that was made 10 years ago

andrew keddy

what song?

Jesus Salas

Javier Baez baseball player or Kris Bryant

Fernando Frias

Hila: has a baby

George Danila

The little droid on his shoulder is so distracting...


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