Dog Tag-Jestoni Alarcon,Shirley Fuentes

Master Hand


Evan Revestir

Who’s dad is the “Old Guy”

One Hit Obliterator Cobras

4:41 What the frick is wrong with you were on your knees for your mother to arrive, so why the frick would you be mad when your dad gets a girlfriend that you actually like

Bring Me More Booze

How much did this faggot have to pay to get to #2 on Trending?

Joseph Tamargo

As a South Carolina fan the best moment in our men’s basketball history was beating duke🙌🏼🙌🏼

Nursara Samsuri

you are the best

Tracy Rachlin

How do u not know what tinder is

Viet Editor Community

can you send me a skin mod haha

Amber Mero

Noof herps XDDDDD

I'm a banana

You should be happy that you made it through and were able to walk, unlike your mother if you found her, you probably wouldn't have been able to be saved, but you would at least be able to be with your mother, you being able to get food, and water, but not your mother you would this time have to take care of her unlike she taking care of you I guess.

Matthew Simpson



So what ur saying is that u are Elon Musk

NintendoNerd - Toby

Also one of the voices through the video reminds me of the Medic from Team Fortress 2 because the same German voice.

Mr. Mellow

Are you ok. Your boyfriend is stopped but your smart your boy well he’s not your boy anymore so yeah

Kyle Winkler

Coby will win a battle

conner I like dogs

The worst one Tom and jerry

Richard Ariel Carmona-Carranza



the dark sould of easyet ebbs

Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir

Idk why but watching this reminds me of Betty Cooper...? Wth


Do rage monster compilation

Nicole Iva

Well when life gives you flowers...

Did you know that you are breathing?

Yep I'm depressed 😑

..and also the entire channel

Perry Joe

cool milking the deer yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dan Gabbay



Yo congrats on 6 million subs!!!!!

It told that if I eat that I will die


is it weird that ghosts was one of the worst games but had pretty cool easter eggs

Matthew Blood

This movie was great, also the easter eggs was awesome to.

Der Daber

dude, you deserve so much more subs! I wish he was older when he passed away but he died at the young age of 3 and he was supposed to live around 15 years.

MaLeah Bouch

The underwear are so you can sneak things into like concert venues


looks scripted af

Efrain Luevano

Logan Paul


I got the peacekeeper too, hehe

Yesica Mercado

Me encanto ♫♪tu estas en mis pensamiento a un que no quiera te pienso

conor gameplay

y pensar que la frase antes eras chido solo era para los youtuber :c

Sam Bangcong

Omg yasssss... #ProudPinoy


07:16 dat rocket tf2 black box ?

knoccy Choccho

4:07 u call C+ A GOOD GRADE?!


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