Dreger: Big issue in the Marner negotiations is term

Darren Dreger joins the OverDrive guys to discuss Mitch Marner’s approach to his contract negotiations, the RFA market, why none of the players have been signed yet, and more.


HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE KANTO WRONG?! O_o Like... this is a while video about Pokemon... and you can't even pronounce some things correctly.. xD

VTHades Gaming

Am I the only one who thinks that instead of Gabon that looks like Demise

Justice Radical

Fuckin sick

Philip The Darkness March



*Gets 148 likes*The 148th one was me :D

Isabel Summers

I'm missing my dad's sister passed away from cancer 10 years ago

MidLife Crisis

Almost at a million🤘🏻🤘🏻


What happened to Julie from FBE snapchat

Sydney Lewis

i stood up to a bully and then i got jumped but i found him and told the cops and hes in jail now

Just sayin

Comet Jewel

I am only 14 and I am a fighter. I'm fighting for the freedom of all animals bad or good and fighting for good pepole, and you are one of them

I feel like I’m the only one thinking that this man’s drive is literally like the modern-day Hamilton...

Simla G


Some body

60 Kg isnt that bad for 12 year old. Im 12 and I waight 90 Kg

Tanmay Sharma

How do they do this

Lil Kacchan

Don't see what's wrong with this.

Donato Digiuni Bertotto

Do anohter batlle boat

AJA Ryan1994

Can I suggest two games series' for your next classics Easter Egg video? The crash bandicoot and god of war games.

Adrian Arce

Please make a real dude Perfect stereotype please


This is literally two fused black mirror episodes, one about having an affair inside the video game with his best friend, the virtual thing looks like an AirPod in the temple so at least she changed a little bit, also the other black mirror episode I’m thinking of us the one where the main character forgot her memory, gets clues, later find out she’s a murderer, (here’s how it relates) then people continuously put her in a box as people taunt her and put her in a chair where she’s strapped and they erase her memory, and the cycle repeats (basically eternal suffering) ( and removing memory is extremely painful and takes 30 min)

jordan Christ


Taren Munro

Je parl enfrencai

Jottum Games

Rip panda


I love that song


Yay the stanley parable :D

Mr Mystery

Now that's what I call a family of soldiers.

thay guy with a pair of reasonably sized speakers

Your sound design is always top notch and I love it!!

Eva Diva

I need the bully's address and I swear to you I'll show that girls can fight back

Death Boy

Can anyone tell me was that electricity coming for the fire when he spray water on it?

Michael Huynh



01:09 One does not simply kill Jason Voorhees.

Katy Garcia

Okay but Cody and Noel has no legal rights to release these BARS

Tessa Jacobs

i love you panda ❤❤

Dan4Ik Gamer

Лайк кто русский

Ñia Sh00k

I only came here to see the comments 💀

matthew eubanks

What i really like most about your channel is that you don't talk in your videos, like a majority do and it ruins the video for me.... So thanks

skateboard guy

whats number 8 ?

Ultima Wolfy Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

I like how you think i have friends


my broher was born 27 weeks to early

Derdderd 123


CS [LEADER] Joker!

“A dark figure slowly sucking the life out of me” SO THATS HOW SHE FKING THOUGHT OF DEMONTORS

Los_ Phoenix

Hey at least we can see the bigger difference of the twins

Easter Egg:At Night 5 wait for the battery will be 87% and go to the kitchen camera. A secret suprise will happen

Derek Dodson

I wanna live in Hawaii since lilo and stitch live there.

princess mayumi

so meat is probably good or not


I need to learn to seduce women. My buddy has started seeing a ten mainly because 2 months back he registered to an internet site named Master Attraction (Google it if you desire to know more.) I’m so green with envy because I wish to fall madly in love too. I’m gonna check out this Jake Ayres man’s stuff and see if it may help a person like me. Surprising thing is, he once had no results with women. How does one change that fast? His lady’s like a model…

Can I get 1000 subs without a video?

I know this channel is meant to be family friendly but I lost it when ty said “Ur head is on my ball”😭

Gretchen Martin

I just spit sweet tea all in my bed when grayson jumped at the end of his round off

Kikiroo 2

Emma wants Ethan to come to soul cycle more with her😏😉🤭🤫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟



abood khalid

Cool! :D


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