Dynamic Team-Building Exercise for Small Groups - Paper Holding

DOWNLOAD PDF - Holding is a Dynamic team-building exercise, ideal for one or more small groups. Click here for step-by-step instructions, video & more.Presented by Mark Collard / playmeo - the world's leading online resource of playful group & adventure-based learning activities. playmeo helps group leaders create remarkably fun programs that engage people & build / strengthen their relationships.

Artak Koshtoyan

Oh coby win

The Woj House

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Grammar police

Aaron Green


Gayil Aidelson

new york rangers msg


That girl in the thumbnail looks ugly af

icha comell kechil

Oh now

Ruby Ebz

What's the code for PC

Mitch Chin

How do they even get these camera shots?!?!?

oliver cox

1:15the bal hits ty in the head

Liam Wilson

Team coby all the way!!!

Michael McCabe

I don’t know what’s better the music or the content

Emilia Charlie Duerre Watson

This was amazing!! I will do the same😊😊💟💟

Jared Morrow


DBHLL Productions

The trophy is the golden boy thing from over time!

seth brink

you guys areawsoe

Amiee Eilers

I HATE THIS I say dp win


Olaf: Hi I’m Olaf.Me:Yes

Andrea Kirk

The yolks on you


I thought she died but then I said: how is she talking?

Jose Luis

Misegue lá 😎😎😎

mita the unicorn

I'm Soo proud of you because you bid not let that change you and That's Mack me think that giving up is not a thing to do and I'm happy you did not die and even tho I don't know you I hope for the best my cousin want through that and it's sad so thank you for sharing your story about wen you had diabetes wen you were ten and I hope you still have the fath in you❤️❤️❤️😊

The King Robin

Wow nice edit

Vicktoria Sarria

Alguien me explica porque ahora casi todos los YOUTUBE ( Lele ,rudi ,Juanpa etc) están haciendo este tipo de vídeos ??? Pliss expliqué me

Ryan Andrews

6 years later he misses the biggest kick of his career


Dude your gonna find a shitload of eater eggs in anime.

Syphonzz 囧rz

It’s funny that they have Jonny manziel when just before I clicked on the video I was watching to0 5 Jonny manziel fails

Video is great though ..

Imelda Garcia Rangel


Fat tuber 99



Red dead is a rock star game to so who gives a fuck

Mariana Martinez



good God...

Fantdm Fan of Dan

Finn looks embarrassed after saying that

Marilou Hallazgo

Did someone else notice the big stones from Brave 1:29or its just me


Just move Staten Island to Oklahoma...problem solved.


After so many of you guys enjoyed the last website video I made, I had to make another. So 2013 is almost over and I just want to thank everyone that's been watching my videos over the past year, whether you've only starting watching a few months ago or since the beginning. Thanks so much. Enjoy!

Bowen Kruse

You know the kayaking escalator shot? Well once I stood and tried to keep going on it at the end and it slowed down and broke

William Hardy

Panda face reveal please

zombiekiller_master242 535

Besides no loves me not even my family

Ali Al Harthi

whos watching this in 2019 like this

Kate G


SmallFisherman_ Gmail

5:12 I luv watching him get hit over and over!


13:00 ugly graphics of wookie


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