E3 2019: Cyberpunk 2077, Xbox Scarlett, Bleeding Edge, GhostWire: Tokyo, Elden Ring, Deathloop...

• Скидка 30% на PS Plus — Распродажа Days of Play — Конкурс «Человек-Паук: Вдали от дома» — Наш хаб E3 2019 — события прошедших конференций. Следующее поколение от Microsoft, Киану Ривз в Cyberpunk 2077, новые игры Ninja Theory и Arkane Studios, особенности Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, анонс ещё одного хоррора Синдзи Миками, дебютный трейлер проекта From Software и Джорджа Мартина и многое другое!***Все выпуски ИнФакта - на - от StopGame - ВКонтакте - в Steam - в Facebook - в Twitter - в Telegram - в Instagram - трансляции на YouTube - трансляции на Twitch -

Carolus Mark Ezra

I thought this was a joke.I mean last time on April 1st.It's said release at any console.So.....i guess they not joking


Sadie Leclair

you should do a eating one

William Guise Wismann

pure pure luck


Esteban Loz

At 3:27 get sperd

Phan Shipper

Number 6 got me!! 😂😂😂

Lejoice George

ccc vs tgp infootball

Pew die pie S

I love you guys

sonicvgamer plays

ian: smosh is not owned by defy media Italicize : you just add an underscore, (_), to both sides

Pablo Guzman

Adolfo la concha de tu madre

Jason Grey

Just want to say that this song is Overhyped!! do you get it now?

Jayden Charest

if you dislike them yall stink

Parker Stromquist

Did i hear a bad language word from a dude perfect dude or am i just hearing things. 11:05

Lycanroc 💙☀❤🌙💚🌅: are we a joke to you?!

Allison Beard

If it was this easy no one would need this video. If anyone sees this you really do need to tell your parents but personally what I’m going to do is tell them I think I want a therapist. They are so much easier to talk to and they become your friends

LazyFrog 64

If seen pictures in frames called the bash is that a reference to the Beatles?

2nd: the heart cubes are doing the same thing with the song that the turrets play at the end

Ashley Gurski

Are you even 👀ing at the numbers? 😂

Heart Juli84

Anxiety makes miss so many things in life or take chances because I feel like I’m not good enough or I’m going to mess something up

Dharmapal Tambe

Tyler at his best

Jessica Stortz

He's back! 💚✌

Go Shot

U know what?I think I'm gonna subscribe

the Bengal tiger's

Please!! Make battle flip 3

Jun Sim

Does anyone know the name of the song played in the video?

Count von Snuffleupagus

I like the rage monster, but it's going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far this time.


Ofc you can get a like!

Ahmad Jawad



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