Ellen Plays 'Wheel of Riches' with a Lucky Fan

Ellen played "Wheel of Riches" with fan Tracy, who was inspired to do good for others by Ellen and Cheerios' One Million Acts of Good challenge. Ellen paid it forward by giving Tracy - and her audience - a highly coveted prize.

Mere Buti

everyone coby is the panda

conan smith

Holy shit I am so early


how did I knowingly click a top 10 jump scares, and still got jump-scared.......... fuck me, I'm a puss

Blake Domasik

I dont see no lax ball in there 😡

TheLegend Donald Trump

I have been team tall Cody from the start

Jacob Collier

how many times does Cory say,”Let’s go’’in his life?

왔으면 좋겠습니다.

Charlie’s TV

Like coby to his 2nd win

Davis Meeks

Who wants coby to WIN!!!!!


There are a lot more Easter Eggs than that, but great job nonetheless.

Philipp Vulturius

I'm so Glas that she is okay, but last question: die her mom survive the cancer?

Hazel Pronuevo

That teacher Might Be A Great gift to you :))



Matt Mcentire

actually the real definition of an indie game is independent. An independent game company, just a group of random people, or even just one person are who make indie games. Technically a lot of the arcade games on 360 are "indie" titles. Just the indie section on XBL is very low end.


when ur parents find ur poop sock

White Wolf

I have anxiety, I can relate heavily!

Cody Curry

The blue jays

Cyprian El


First Name Last Name

I swear if they have an ice queen aunt I’m done ouat already called it. And it’s funny how they said enchanted land instead of enchanted forest.

Mindy Schumacher

can you make a all sports battle 3


Is she gonna die, oh noes, she’s gonna die

Kraker Games

All brothers or friendd




Bitch did you forget Russia, they have missiles than the US


Green Arrow, Robin Hood, Hawkeye left the chat

stine claësson


The Shark08

Hockey battle

Terry Mellor

Adopt one

Lesley Taylor


Priscilla Garcia Garcia


Michelle Arena

Please do school stereotypes

ps. Would you mind if i reversion this into Thai version? Im looking forward to make it on Thai version on my channel :D 

Danica Aguirre

Coby name your team team savage


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