[EP1] When Global Ranker Played Solo Rank, Only 17hours to be Mythic With 86% wr ㅣMobile Legends

It could be above 90% win rateif I didn't pick cyclops and Esmeralda... Sad...Donation: * Youtube subscription: * Free Supporting : Instagram : Facebook: Discord: TwitchTV : players outside the allowed country 1. you can try download the VPN Apps example (TunnelBear)2. Choose USA Country3. Connect to the VPN4. Go to this link Find the $ logo,and you can use credit card or paypal6. For ZIP postal code you can insert 10001 ( New york City) or any USA POSTAL AddressCaution : using VPN mean your data are being transferred through other person server. Be cautious!

friend vlogas

Basket arrows

Doge gaming53

Anwars hair line is on fleeck

Kaylee Logsdon

You should have used the overtime song for your theme song on the show

Sara Silva

Immigrants of color have it harder


Ty did all the shots

E Ward

Did anyone else see the bunch of goalpost when they got that world's longest touchdown

Catona red Wolcaf

Why is his hair brown now???


Jen’s hands are really huge 😂

mayang vasava

This should be an episode on black mirror. 🤯👍❤️


That fucking ending made my day.

Joseph Taber


Brett Bandlow

Are you kidding me??? $500k for that? What is the world coming to? How soft are we as a society? Who got hurt in all that? Sorry but I'm sticking up for the rich dude...bc I have common sense and this has to be a joke.

avia_ MINH

Hm....why there are Vietnamese here?

Harpreet Kang

Spell live backwards. evil

jakyeut september

Grayson bought things that are useful but ethan 🤦

Me hey jerk I wanna break up. With you

Dannie Vlogs

Than why didn’t you smack the women in the face


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