Episode 1

News stories commented by the poor miserable bastards who had to work in the business... enjoy!In this episode, we explore the AP, Associated Press Newswire, Trump and Omarosa, Barack Obama at Beyoncé concert, Post Malone plane scare, “take a knee” and NFL preseason begins, fake NFL tailgating and coffee house football interviews, Catholic Church child sex abuse, and young black girl hairstyles.

Pia o-o

I love these sad stories

Mimi Eram

I go to a public school and there’s a autistic kid named Jonah in my class. He’s in special Ed’s tho.

Woah, oh oh

Bulletproof Monk

I would have rammed into the cars and cones so hard that the engines would explode. The contact would be so hard that the explosion diameter would be 100000000000000 times the size of 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 nukes.

Paige Twitchell

I love how Cody tries to pump up his finds

Jishan Mallick

For the first time in for ever...i m getting nrvs..about a film

Me: yoU MoNsTeR

James Prather

7.7 thousand people need their craniums checked.

Iacov Donos

15 bounces


lol the hitman was probably about shooting a coin with trumps face on it

Kim Possible

I’m watching in late 2017, they all look so young!

Braigen Yunnie

How do trees get on to the internet?They log on.

Mr. Polar

When it said football i thought they meant "Football" football....

mainstream media... keep us scared...

siam ashrafi

Musical mysteryFrozen2😍😍😍

Korion Whims-Merriman

It Recommend this for me yesterday lol LIKE


#YIAYjob the manager of her dog's twitter account


It's actually by the Beach Boys

When i got there i cried for ages, he was asleep in bed i couldnt do anything.

Botch the Butcher

I don't have anything against gay people but I hate the LGBT movement. I don't feel that it's gonna change anything. Also many of them are violent or partly turn violent and many people of that community don't respect others opinions and call the I thought they preach tollerance?? Hypocrites

Ani H

i think travis should be drafted to the seattle

Galactic Yandere

Sometimes I don’t shower for a month

Fernando Sanchez

How did panda hurt him self

ninth is you know what ;)



Trickshot Ryan

I feel so bad for the kids but I'm happy they got happy and played when dude perfect came. It's so sad what these kids go through and a lot of people don't care


@ 3:00 did anyone else notice the milk to the right? Lol


Team Texas roadhouse but isnt outback created by guys that have never been to Australia? 😂😂

Huyen Nguyen

I agree with framk

circe claudia oliveira dos santos

ALL the videos of this fucking channel are fake

Charles Bossler

Hi everyone, so recently my cousins friend started a YouTube channel. We are hoping to get home to 100 subscribers by July. We would appreciate it very much if you subscribed to him. Every sub counts. Anyway have a great day!😄😄 His name is CHUBBYbear0038 btw!

sara gomes

I have the same type of depression......

Typhen C

+Dude Perfect You should try it from one of the balconies at the Dubai Tower. Or the Empire State.

* at home i draw some edgy and gorey stuff wanting to kill myself and my dad left to go back to the bar again *

Ellis Hawks

How many plaques did he bring

Meme Museum

Get Johnny Sins on


0:27 Drum Gun is back


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