Eric Clapton - Over the Rainbow (with lyrics)

This song is the last one (20th) from the DVD version of the live album "One More Car, One More Rider". The album contains songs performed during Clapton's 2001 World Tour. The recordings on this album are from two nights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, 18 & 19 August 2001.

kill me classics

I didn't know whales migrated to Hawaii. Thanks I learn something new every day!

Primas Longato a Distância

I love you and annie♥️♥️


I want to see battle four

jacob henke

idk, lol.

Filip Kusznierewicz


sireesha eesha

I guess don't is panda



Mr Meeseeks

Какая модель нерфа?

Flying Squirrel

Awwww meeb♥️

grace suzanne

we love and support ditto in this household

XKermit_the_frog X

Wait what’s happened to her girlfriend??

Matthew Lewis

I’m surprised that Doritos sponsored this video

Erik Miramontes


axel rod

11k views. I tried to be early.

Keegan prescott

In gravity falls I have seen slender man there's one seen were they are on a surveillance system flicking through and slenders figure pops up I've seen it other times that just seemed most noticeable to me

Series - The Animated Cinema

Plz bring back this art style!

أبو عبيده

الي عربي ليك واشتيرك

Rajesh Yadav

One think is wrong you all celebrate by hiting each others back ,but this was backwards edition you must be hitting each others front side

Jason Frye

God bless this kid!

Izn-e-Zahra Abidi

who else thinks the coloring is so satisfying?

Endless Entertainment Corp


Tuka Akut

I wish a germ bucket fell on your head


I'm really loving the high quality editing

Ruemmel Sollesta

Is the Stonehenges from Brave?

Airplane EDM航空機と音楽/

what a waste of basketballs

Joe Georgiades

Jp wats up


My favour shot is flip n dip


Voldemort should do ASMR

Risang Watang


I can’t sit in PSHE when they talk about the effects. And all my friends think that I’ll be an alcoholic.

Kristoffer Riihilahti

This sentence is a lie

timothee chalamet is my husband

My parents want me to go to college for a certain career and it's just not in my heart anymore, I'm struggling to tell them, I Wanna be an actress and attend acting schools and work on what I actually love..... uhhg I wish these types of things were easier


Well I was born in 1995 which I'd say is actually earlier than most people here... But I started gaming much later, I wasn't really interested in it while other friends were playing with their gameboys and such.

xxBree xx

She said she was married but she sounds like a teenager


how many times you try before you hit that?

Cristofer Saldivar

Ya should do football

ryan carpenter

Why did the egg cross the road to get more eggs because he needed more eggs because it cracked

FaZe king 420

Haha I though it was a killer but it was barnie wait was that a movie:)



HOW DO I CUSTOMIZE/EDIT THE LEVELS? I bought the Level Edit Pack, but I'm lost after that. Please respond.

Tanvir Aloyouis


Me: Died of laughter

Abdul Samad

I love thor

Angela Cubides

Me gusta


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