Every Oculus Quest Announcement From E3 2019 - Let's Quest!

E3 2019 is officially in the books and we have a whole bunch of Oculus Quest-related announcements to sort through. This week we're chatting about all the new games and DLC heading to standalone VR, including Arizona Sunshine, Espire 1: VR Operative, new missions for I Expect You To Die, and so much more!SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW WEEKLY EPISODES►►► Youtube Subscribe ------- VRScout Facebook------ VRScout Twitter ----------- VRScout Instagram ------ VRScout --------

Matt 8815

How much is that ladder for???? But the real question is it for sale if it is I want it

Thought about by hideo Kojima Parents:we love you too❤❤

I'm grateful Do you even sleep in 40 days?

Anthonyx Parquer

Mi amor fue real

20% of the comments- wtf is that helicopter haircut

Tuaunga Tupou

I know who her mother was! It was j.k. Rowling! She made her first book on a napkin in a train ride!

Me: And i’m the poorest girl in the world iUi


I wanna join the dp gang cuz I luv trick shot

All manikins on the left side represents easter eggs.From left to right 1-Indiana Jones(Movie), 2-(I Don't know :) ),3-looks like Sub zero(MK) ,4-Donatello(TMNT), 5-Raiden (MK)

Tanya Damahe

This man makes me cry every friggin time i watch his video

Nathan Sizemore

How does Ty spin flip? It always looks so good!


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