Filthy Friends - Pipeline (From Emerald Valley)

"Pipeline" by Filthy Friends, off the Emerald Valley album. Stream the album on YouTube - the album - to Kill Rock Stars on YouTube! Kill Rock Stars Exclusive Series and Footage:KRS Featured Albums - Stand Up Comedy - KRS Music Videos - Greatest Hits -

Tomi Maldonado

4:31 restaurante chino que lleve la palabra "Dog", yo no entraria sinceramente xD

Trojan_ Yeety

2:55 I actually had a family friend’s granddaughter die of a brain tumor at age 4 or 5 in 2017

he makes the pen go click clacc

Marian Min

This is how the hyungs see Jungkook! I'm literally crying.

Sebastian Watson

Why is Shannon on the monitor?

Win Entity


abir jamal el ddine

2:54 Idk why but seeing coby get stuck at wiggle his legs is just hilarious and the way the music stopped because Gary couldn’t get it through the first time had me wheezing

Me: throws it at them THEN. DONT. GIVE. IT. TO. ME.

Dev Patel

Make new video of this

Deus ExMachina

When you spill lipstick in mums white Valentino bag

magical nightmare

brown is the new red 0_0

Ñøäh _

Really nice video

Yitzi Furman

this is your best video

- Aƈҽ σ' RҽԃRσʂҽʂ -

That's nice to hear


liike getting kicked in my balls

Thomas Towner

youre really good at videogames


Still remember when you did the mirrors edge Easter egg video! One of the best youtubers around guru keep it up!

Great Genius

5201st comment

Ben Pham


Are you jealous?

Mistik creepy

Ho my god , they killed Winnie ...

Flex Matukas

Fuck them all cause they Broke☠👻

Marita Lopez


Random airport guy: All girls are selfish.

Gia Weaver

..... Can we take a second to see that she has CANCER, and she cares about her hair, like things way worse could happen!

landyn boyt

I am

King Jones

Foods from the black list ?

Gabriela Aguilera

It’s going to be a boy!

portia teo

does anyone else see "title" at like 30:09 at emmas shirt

Me: Here sends pic of moto moto

G Le

The fact that a box and 1 worked in the NBA shows what Steph is working with here...

Kyan Lewis

MGM Grand

Top Lol

My ribs show but I’m not starving myself, I just don’t eat lunch ??? Idk why probs because our school gives us slop

Cash Walrus

Do you stream?


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