FINALS: ONIC ESPORTS vs LOUVRE ESPORTS, Game 3 MSC 2019, Mobile Legends Championship

Game 1: 2:

flumi rübe

wich twin Pikes Episode?

We Are Ghosts

Omg i love it😍

Jon Hobbs


ArianaYT, hi Gamer

I m on the road and I’m watching u

hannah.t_is_ me

#YIAYjob A damn cubicle, day job, she needs to balance out your unsuccessful job.

Parth Drolia

sad and the worst part is cases like these are very common

(metal gear solid episode)


What is that circle thing that they ride

sss sss


David Espinosa

anyone notice the way anglie Davidson tries to kill Arthur is with a cigar box, the same way Smokey’s brother from blood in blood out is almost killed by Popeye?

just buffsuki foreverrrr

I'm watching this while eating candy.

Ella-Bella Smith

Dis is obvi J.k Rowling

Minute videos : YES!

Daniel Herrera

Do a part 2 with Justin tucker


So, next Easter Eggs are from guardians of the galaxy 2 ?

Pubg Pro

3:18 this face


I've been waiting for this for so long. I can't wait to watch it. Literally love your videos Guru, you're one my favourite content creators. I already know this video is gonna be banging.

Great editing


December 2018

bash king

Not gonna lieThis was the peak of dude perfect

Ayuba K


also love your vids


What an a awful guy    

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