Fire!! Tomica transform fire station, Marvel Avengers Tsum Tsum! Go! #DuDuPopTOY

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Wet Blanket

me @ myself

muhammad ilyas

Are u Muslim?

dommy elliott


Sowmya G

Pls make videos on studies and depression 😭


Episode 100 would be 4:20

Murray Bros Studios

I’m a buddy

Maryam sharara

Is anyone gonna talk about why are they so red?

Patricia Gil Pinto

Jack and daxter that are old ps2 times <3

Hashem Alturk


jerome gonzaga

am your fan old do live blog plsssssssss

Me : Awww this is sooo cuteeee 😭❤ I didn't know what to write


So this was really unintentional there was this seed on my grandma's dresser and I flicked it away and it landed in a small vase I'm not kidding I dare you to try to do that


Keeps getting better and better.

Rajesh Babu



This is as stupid as crap

"my son got number 1 in class"

J dawg

this is fucking stupid

Chlorophos 10010

Sjin bouta scream

Marco M

7:18 I know I’m posting this in 2019 but that’s really how it be over here

Landon Pereira

that's what looks like call of duty black ops 2 zombies earth


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