Fred V & Grafix - Green Destiny

Available now as part of Fast Soul Music - Shop: / iTunes: / Google Play: Hospital Shop: a rapid ascension to D&B's top table since signing to Hospital, Fred V & Grafix have quickly become one of the most talked about acts in the scene. Having remixed top 10 hits for Rudimental and Subfocus, and released a string of singles and tracks on Hospital, they now present their debut long player. An ambitious and consummate development of the sound they have become know for, built on a solid foundation of D&B beats. The album combines their love for live music, weighty sub bass and creative collaborations with newschool vocalists and producers.With prodigious song-writing, epic musicality and dancefloor sensibility, "Recognise" eschews the predictable structure of todays identikit D&B. Simultaneously intellectual and effortless, it's a breath of fresh air that builds on the success of Fred V & Grafix previous releases and includes "Major Happy" and "We Are 18" favourite "Catch My Breath".Follow Hospital Records



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West Virginia boy

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Terren Simmons

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Faisal R

I think I got GAD and Panic disorder and I knew that before until I watched the video :(

Flü 5

Im ”Mr Mood Swing“, but not that extreme!😂

derric henson

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Favorite Mustard

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Becca_ _Mouse

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Jacob Toriello

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Agent Zero

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Heptic Gaming

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Blaze Modz

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Super Scunt

this was a very good vid, I like the new idea, haven't seen the movie, shoe, whatever it is, but it's 2creepy4me, but good idea, keep it up!

Rachel Goodchild

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04:23 Book called «American History Y» is a reference to a film called «American History X» with Edward Norton.

Tortured Soul

is it just me or is this story time really idiotic and insensitive.... she used the wrong words

Purple Team

The mirrors should be backwards

Gabriel gs

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Augie Nathanson

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Froagle Froakie

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Mace 2.0

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