Fred V & Grafix - Rainbow Road

Buy & Stream Here: V & Grafix bring a breath of fresh air with their long-awaited second album ‘Oxygen’. The 15-track venture strips away any uniformity, opening up into dreamy, synthesized waves of drum & bass, elements of elegant electro-pop, down-tempo beats, unsuspecting instrumentation and everything in between.Their progression is clear from the off, the gorgeous ‘Ignite’ details infectious guitar and heartfelt harmonies from Fred V himself and their newest top-line finding, Amy J Pryce. She also appears on vocal led tracks ‘Altitude’ and ‘Electrify’ that push the pair even further into songwriter territory. They’ve spent months working with close friend Tudor Davies - whose vocal leads on romantic slow-mover ‘One Of A Kind’ - to create expressive, honest lyrics and enticing melodies throughout the LP.Fred V & Grafix’s soundtrack style stands up tall in ‘Nearly There’ and ‘Our Story’ adding a surprise collaboration with Bloc Party front-man Kele to the mix. Both tracks encapsulate the epic, ‘hands in the air’ euphoria that Fred V & Grafix deliver to devoted crowds worldwide. Their drum & bass dancefloor roots remain strong with tracks ‘Stay Here’ and ‘Together We’re Lost’ picking up the pace.In the debut album 'Recognise' we got a taste for their skills as live musicians. In take two we get even more from Grafix guitars, to drums, keys and Fred V’s own vocals, every element is faultlessly infused with title track ‘Oxygen’ as the perfect example.Follow Fred V & Grafix:Hospital Records:


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