Fun Care Kids Game - Fairy Land Rescue - Save The Magic Village -Fun Fairy Makeover Games By TabTale

Fairy Land Rescue - Save the Magic Village By TabTale LTD➔ Download Link Play Android : iOS : Hi my friends! 💖Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed my video please Like👍,Share, Comment & SUBSCRIBE. I Love You All. ♥♥♥*****************************************************************►Click Here To Subscribe ArcadeGaming! Watch More PLAYLIST: no! The Evil Witch has cast a spell on Fairy Land! Now the land is dry and sad. Fairies to the rescue! Help the fairies use their magic powers to save Fairy Land! Cast spells, care for enchanted creatures, and free the land from the evil curse! Decorate and clean up the land so that it’s beautiful and new! It’s all up to you! Help the fairies save the magic village and break the evil spell! Make magic potions, meet polar bears and adorable creatures, and decorate the town with your special superpowers!

Elizabeth Ka

Master Chief...

David C.

I swear they get half their stuff from Touch of Modern...but I still love it.

CJ Ball

Why did you not show DOGE from Brodys car lol

Wong Hau Wan


Simon Keighan

Who's watching in 2018 lol

Tech Marauder

Oh, well it was an Achievement, but still, I was right about it what it was going to reference,

02:29 the chamber of secrets

Lachlan Robert CONN

You should do Fortnite Stariotypes

Box Planet

what happened to the go pro 😂

hot wheels

Tape always wins


2...much....R2D2´S....I need....To.....Escape.... Urghh,ahhghah.


I did not see yet i think Tylers team is ganno win

TheKiteKid Gacha

Looks at the title

Eve Grace

Everyone: Oh my god, you were struck by lightning?


Alguem br ?

...reading comment

JayThePerfectOne -

thats tough

Mohamed Dahir

I have it to

The Mighty

Next video use subtitle again plz subtitle Indonesia ty

Fuck is there something wrong

CGI Future

There we go    

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