Funniest Comics With Big Twist [ Part 4 ]

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Anita Ambalgikar

4:23 twinkle twinkle little star,how I wonder what you are?

Ezekiel TheBaller

dez nuts


On the balloon boom shot you could see holes in the wall from the misses lol 5:05

glam up

Do racism still prevail in America ?

Tuba H

1:27 Lesbian Elsa confirmed.

Yessenia Cortez

At six flags

It's probably because I thought that when one of my family members die I feel like they wouldn't want me to waste my life on crying all the time F

Der Zobbien

The celeste Easter Egg is too fucking relatable.... I wasnt expecting that

Zandra Paul

@FunWithGuru  that light on the building with water is a peanis

Memes are Gid

Did he say mean bowl of weed

O_o o_O

Didn't it already come out?

Edit: wew never got this much likes thank you people

Nazra Sweet

Me anxious.. Of course. Have to learn how to deal with it

Balince Music

Dang she's pretty

Paul R

Proget zogo is whaching

Skyler Cohen

I was watching this video and my little brother came in, I had to turn it off, I wouldn't want to ruin his childhood


I feel so bad for her...

Jonathan Read

Hey it's Rapture Ruckus!!!

Force Ghosting


Abhishek.P GKP

How you make these video sir

sambasivarao akkisetti

Soccer won


No marvel movie

Talha Khan

Totally the noob in spot games

Issam Issam


Dhruv Jadeja


Trees are hackers

Cool now I can impress my friends with thi.. Oh wait. It's winter break. ;_;


Ben Baxter

Jedi of Persia?

Sam Corey

Im toatly 100% the phone guy.(Girl)⚽️⚾️🏀🏐🏈🎾🎣😁😁



Melvin 1

little bit weird ti hear ASMR in movies but its cool!


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