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Amelia Smith

Oh... slow pitch. Slow pitch is for men with mid life crisis's.Fast pitch is better

Why didn't record the Noob?- in bed

F. Leiva

The slower the cook...


I remember Jango Fett reference from one of the gameplay trailers.

ty in bathroom over flows toleit: idea we can throw plungers then i don't have to clean mess.

Marmellota State of mind

I Prefer the easter eggs

Semih Kutsal


Abood Albujoq

Do a nerf barrles trick shots

Cartoon Network/20th Television

Matt Gann

Pulusic is 9

Steven Pantelis

they shot it frame by frame come on

Rooney P

Hi nice trick shots can you do another trick shot


Link: “Phew, I finally defeated Ganon. Now we can-“ Jeffree: here’s my summer collection


Where are Easters from KotOR ?


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, used for mw2 modded lobbies😌

baby star playz

I show this to my mom and she said nobody should have a childhood like that

Thomas Davies

When Zelda becomes a horror game


Glad he just shows them 1 by 1 .. no stupid anddddd at number 9 we have blah blah ... before we move onto number 8 I must tell u about our sponsor blah blah anndddd at number 8.. this guy does shows us and does it well nice job man!!

Bogdan Toma

Interesting that you'd mention the link between genetic inheritance and cholesterol levels but not the link (or lack thereof) between Vit C and the immune system

Putra Jaya

Super amazing

Sam Schroeder

Time for me to hit the weights

Tumbling with JerBear


Leonard Koh

Wait, Tyler isn’t wearing a cap? Am I hallucinating?

Людмила Галичева

I am touched, BTS collected all the best moments with Chonguk, it is very nice and touching, they care so much about Chonguk, I am 100% sure that ARMY, when watching this video, could not hold back tears, and just control them, and these are tears of happiness, we will be with you, in what corner of the world you were not, every ARMY will support you, we love you Bangtan Boys !!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

Bangya Bangya Bangya

Yeah.. One time one of the girls in my class said she'll fly to London next month, and she wants some recommendations for good places to go to. I did the "Primark" is a really good place, and that my sweatshirt is from there(I love this sweatshirt alot) and then a "popular" girl said: "I didn't know they're selling this trash". Like... Wow. I knew she liked the sweatshirt, but she said this because it's ME. Also, we saw pictures of beautiful women in a book, and then one of my friend said: "did you know that they're having lots of makeup on, and they can be actually ugly?" I said: "so it means I can be a model too!" Of course I was joking, because I'm ugly af, but then the snob girl said: "No, even makeup can't save you anymore". Uh... Excuse me? The point is, don't let this kind of people bring you down. ✊🏻💖


There are some horrible demonic mothers out there that love to hurt their children. We always want to paint this picture of mothers being saints but so many are MONSTERS. I’m so tired of ppl saying she did the best she could beating you and hurting you was the best that a total lie some ppl should shut their mouths and stop defending these horrible parents who hurt their children on purpose thank God for her father.


who was really out here applauding all their shit lmao

jeff castle

You guys need a girl to join you

ramses gomez postrana

Wat the next video

Shirin Kulkarni

Hes like d besttttttttt(♥ω♥ ) ~♪

And it’s the most cringeworthy that ever

Isabella García cortés

Amooo está canción 😍😍😍😻



Bradley Madden

Lol spetsnaz teddy gunna tear sh!t up

Colten Kelley


Der Pate

your videos are amazing! 👍 holy sh*it who find this eastereggs..😓😀

Meredith Animations

If you love trickshots then go watch SIMPLE SWISH

Exiege Last week Gamer

Master Chief, FINISH THE FIGHT!!!

Karan Singh

Producer: You wanna make the trailer such dat it gives the people an idea of the plot? Director: Give the plot an idea with the trailer duh

Lucas niteYt

Film with bvb


I even forgot about these😂😂I’m gonna find mine now

Lucas Boicu

got lord of the rings before cory


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