Game of Thrones 7x03 - Jon Snow meets Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 3

Majid Waheed


Mr. Apologies


Oops i mean on 2017 or 18 on not in sorry



1990 •

Ok I get the memes but where’s the empathy in these comments? She’s been going thru some hard shit and all we do is laugh about this, like yeah the story is confusing when it comes to the tittle but hello this is still horrible

UnderTale Fan 68

the mom said "i dont know why you why born" I would say "because you asked daddy to fuck you" btw sad story IM NOT MAKING FUN OF IT


JAJAJA great video, I didn´t know about Bear´s history

Robot Radio Man

Better video than the other Easter egg videos.

Stream sniping...

Gwen Carson

I want to be like that teacher. I want to inspire others.


Nice outro man, very heartfelt. Keep creating good content and everyone will keep watching, I play video games, but not to the point where I would consider myself a gamer, but I do like watching gaming videos, especially ones about Easter Eggs. The only games I every really bothered fully exploring are the Borderlands games(except the pre sequel, which kind of sucked in terms of imagery, every section of the map pretty much looked the same, except for a couple of sections towards the end, which were ripped right from the second Borderlands), I'm working on finding all the Easter Eggs in GTA 5, I found the zombie dude and the ghost. It takes allot to immerse me. Would you ever consider doing Easter Eggs for older games from the Xbox and the Playstation 2? I recently played Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death, and Rogue Trooper, two criminally underrated games, but they are very immersing, especially the Judge Dredd game, you feel like you're in Mega City One, and there are plenty of references in that game.

Jeffy Smith

Ty is always the winner


Elise Phoenix

...I want to be the cool auntie 🙃

Brienne Wolf

I always used to think the red power ranger was always SO cute idkw

phillipeans 4:13

Ian Verde

lil skies hasssss a gret voice X tu👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Zoey Wynne

99% of teens watching this movie1% of kids watching this movie


Elon-Motherfuckin'-Musk :)


the rage monster more like the break stuff and not pay for it

Jalyn mortimer

Tht panda bust his ass 🐼🐼🐼🐼

The Patriotic Gamer

Escalator king

Cody Heiner

What! That chessboard was amazing! And even more so because it was a computer playing. I thought it was just two predesigned moves.

Taethestic Army

But Nan is prettier than Bee

Malika Seddougui

Cool dude perfect


You always have the best music and well edited videos. Keep it up.


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