Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

Game of Thrones available for digital download at

Charlie Alford


Tanterive GD

It completely annoys me that a lot of gachatubers are here

GachaArtz YT

Poor poor Michael. I’m sorry that your dad passed away. 😔

Colby Fernandez

I'm watching this in 2017 are you

Gabe & Chelissa

How much you wanna bet on the blurred out parked Ethan's saying "EMMAS MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Aldrich Gaming


Watch Me Do

‘The world doesn’t need to be more divided than it already is!’ But you’re the one spreading hate ffs 😂

Dévényi Barnabás



So they managed to get KDB and Sterling from city but flaming and chambers from arsenal😂



kk ll


Brenda Crawford



if you go away from the big bunny look at its face and it gets sad


I didnt like the editing of this video to much music 😯

Nicki Minaj

growing up in the bible belt, this anime kid's opinions were frustratingly common among both peers and adult figures alike. "i don't hate gay people, i just think you're an evil subhuman unworthy of human rights and deserving of a hellish, torturous afterlife for being born with an uncommon sexual orientation!" both too cowardly to admit their hatred AND too stupid to realize the insane logic behind their rationale.

Devang Sharma

Who don't like dude perfect

Sosa Choco

wierd flex but ok

Miss Lilfox

Wow 88% on a exam your a freak if you think that’s not good enough & you probably don’t get out enough. it’s ok to have a phone as long as you have balance in life

bust down

my mother told me about her friend who tried IVF. She had tried IVF over ten times. On her thirteen chance, she made it. But it cost her over $100,000 on it. But guess what? She still has a baby. ❤️❤️❤️



Martin Joseph Yap Yap

The way these guys clebrate every after tickshot annoys me..

Unwanted info :)


I'm here for a long time and love your videos. Keep up the good work!


check out my version to this !!! its soooo fireee

Sincerely, Tinaa

1M on the WAY!!

Pâmela Medeiros

Would be so cool if you had the option to choose the colors of the mini breaker, like make your own mini breaker with your favorite colors. ^-^

Suganthi Baskar

You heard it hear first haha

Willow Wonderland

Is this J.K Rowlings story? Sorry I don’t know how to spell I have never read Harry Potter or watched Harry Potter I just know some thing about Harry Potter

Prestigious Ant

3:00 does anyone know what type of breed that puppy is?

Gloves off bitch, I'm feeling impolite (get lost) Girl: NOOOOOOO-

Elsa Shortlidge

I’m pumped and scared because my name is Elsa and it was hard enough after Frozen was released. Seriously I better not have people singing about snowmen to me


at the ball park

Awhile later, I went to my house. A couple house skip by until 5:00 P.M. we headed to the hospital. Finally, around 10:00 P.M, we were informed that we could see him. I don't know if this was a goodbye or not.🙏 Lol

Lil Plays

Plot twist she's a part of lgtbq but a new one she like money

eaden cox

You make fun vids I hope Coby gets 1million wins

yung toker

lmao this is funny asf, straight BARS


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