Game of Thrones Cast ★ Before and After ★ Famous [GOT teaser]

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Edit: this is the first time I’ve ever seen a comment that has 100+ comments without breaking 510 likes... (this is a bad thing just for the record and I think that needs clarification considering the reply’s I’ve gotten about my comment)


I disagree. Yes, life and death are both needed for life itself, but life still has meaning without death. If you play a game that has no ending, you still enjoy it because of the good moments along the way, and where there's enjoyment, there is meaning. Death is meaningless because there can be no emotions or enjoyment while dead. If you're dead, you cannot feel, or see, or smell, or hear, because you do not exist. If you don't exist you can't feel pleasure, so death, by itself, is meaningless. You don't feel enjoyment if you never play the game.

Mr. Meowser Monkey

This is unrelated, but Super Horror Bro's fnaf help wanted theory is great, and so you should watch it.


commander: "i need that location locked down"

ناديه فرج

محمد خالد محمود العبةPuPG


What's sad about me is that my psychologist told my parents I have depression and they know that I have suicidal thoughts every day but they just don't care 💁


Fuck subs



Anna Marie

Also thougjts of suicide self harm impulsivity indecicevness emptiness

bry paul

I'm better than you at hockey

Jack Manne

Lol this nigga Ty got destroyed as the goalie

Landon Stuart

It’s that thrill of life. It’s that first kiss, it’s that first ticket. It’s running away from the cops on a Friday night. Omg 😂🤣

Emily Petty

you should shoot with steff curry

Pro Gamers Hub

The Bullies are probably thinking "I just bullied The 54th Richest man in the world"

Suzanne Powdrell

How do they make it perfect?!?!?!?!


Gabriel Burkhart


"Its ok boy"

popoter 69

Soy el único español que mira esto?

Ivan hermosilla barrera

Good to see you back.


@corycotton I can't find it on android :(


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