Game of Thrones Season 8 Table Read (Arya killing Night King; Varys; Jon & Daenerys)

#GameOfThrones #AryaStark #NightKingFrom the "Last Watch" documentary by HBO, clips from the final Table Read, for Season 8:Arya killing the Night King, Daenerys executing Varys, and Jon killing Daenerys.Several cast members hadn't read the scripts ahead of time, wanting to be surprised(Maisie Williams had only recently, and Kit Harington not at all).Watch Conleth Hill's face during the Arya scene - as if the older actors who didn't grow up on the show as child actors (Kit, Maisie, Sophie) actually realized how bad this script was.Also notice just how much exposition was given in script notes....which the audience cannot see.A problem which among other things is why the first pilot failed.They never learned.Instead Cogman is the one who gets to enthusiastically read off the script notes at their table reads - and then insists, in video interviews I have clips of on my channel, "I am capable of writing scenes with no dialogue and still have the actors convey all the meaning, through my script instructions to them".

Tasha Raynae

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you guys are awesome and i am a huge fan of your trick shots and Tyler you are awesome the best

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1:10 "endgame"

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Sounds like my life.

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HOLY Crapp, this looks amazing!! PLEEEAASE let it be, even 20% of what I just saw when it releases! My only minor complaint is that I'm not crazy about the design of Iron Man in this... at least, not his face-mask, anyway. The movie design was just, the BEST-looking Iron Man in existence, imo.

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The unbreakable vow scene is so good, I used to rewind it all the time as a kid, before I knew what asmr even was.

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