Game of Thrones, Skyrim, Pirates of the Caribbean heavy metal mashup!!!

#gameofthrones #skyrim #piratesofthecaribbeanBe part of the physical edition of my new album here to my New album / Escucha mi Nuevo disco "CON FE"track and my Game of Thrones remixes album available on Spotifyguys! This is a mashup I had in mind and used to sing on the streets of Lima, so I decided to record it hahaha! Thanks for your constant support guys! New album very soon!All the music on Bandcamp (FLAC, WAV format): the music on itunes :) SPOTIFY and BACKING TRACKS AT Custom Kramer Nite V, EMG Pickups 57 66, Ernie Ball Strings Skinny Top Heavy Bottom (10-52), Positive Grid Bias & JamupFacebookMP3 at:


i like this one @1:34

Shoshawna Hayes

My brother looks like you

Hunter St. Arnold

Was that Smashmouth song "Allstar" used in "Shrek"?

Martin Vyoral

that payday omg! :D


Cod 2

UPSIDE DOWN?! (Yea, Just kidding.)

Narvada Chauhan

Whose favorite colour is RED?

Stoked status: 100%

Why are there so many idiots down here that can't figure out that Bungie didn't predict the future?


I just randomly searched your YT channel because I haven't watched any videos by you since weeks. Even with the bell on, I get no notifictions. What a coincidence that you just uploaded.

Bot Michael

Anyone else ever feel like the noise the vortex makes is editing but it’s not

Brewer smith

Carson Folmer

Limey Sweet

My dad was and it´s still like this, what is even sadder is that the first time i ever knew about his alcoholism was when i was 3 or so, my mother would cry everytime he was ou tbecause he goes in weekends and sometimes doesn´t appear until 1 or 2 days later, making things difficult because he has always drive us to school.


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