Game of Thrones Theme (Extended) [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Simon Csokan

♫ Sheet Music for this piece: Learn piano songs quick and easy: *► Beginner? Try this free App: *► iTunes: Spotify: Sheet Music: Support me on Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Affiliate LinkEnjoy the extended Game of Thrones Theme arranged by Simon Csokan!Check out his channel: Promote Your Music ♫To submit your music on my channel:➝ Write me a PM on Facebook: Always send a link or music file of your work.➝ If I'm interested, I will message you back.Composer(s): Ramin DjawadiArrangement © Simon Csokan (2019)Original Music © HBO (2011)



YoBoi SpitFire

Hey dudes that was perfect


I was playing bo2 on takeoff and +FunWithGuru avatar was there on a poster

Bella Simkins

Love you guess

Kleiner Bopp McRoter-Stiefel

#YIAYjob she's the mastermind behind troomtroom

Dave Kranssen

The euromast or the bridge in rotterdam, the netherlands

Liliya Uzunova

The Shining references in Toy Story? I must've Overlooked those.

JohnLuca Monte

thanks for making these videos

Nightcore Bagel

"People only realise how spacial a person is only when they are gone..."

evan Mccarrick

Can I have some crazy crust pizza.

Shree Plays

Weeks months boys only wear one thing weeks months the guy changes she with the same outfit

Gabby Viana

me watching the videos


Jumpscare doesnt work for me with a sniper


I found that pig one on accident


12:11 though lol

Logan Grimsley

When they say trickshots i think 360 n scope

Apollo plays

Panda is the guy doing the backflip at 102

Maddie Jean

I have GAD so i can relate to everything she is saying! It sucks overthinking about everything, but we just have to move on from those dark thoughts, and bring in good ones.

kas trancenmoati



Please please make the scrubs in a bigger size! 🙏🏼


I know how you feel! ❤️

Rodrigo Manzanilla

What's the name of the song?


Guru, are you Russian? I heard russian voice,when you showed battlefield bow easter egg. Please,respond!

Little Leopard371

Wow. Really inspiring. Great job on your Choc. Chip cookies. Their so delicious.😊☺😉✋🙌☝✌👍👐😁😀😀😀😀😃

Nathaniel Kunin

Let Michael finish his sentence though haha


no one with a freaking brain thinks they make it on the first try

The Arctic Whovian

When I saw Tom Hiddleston: I died....


Oh yeah, awesome trick shots you guys. Terrible video.

Dizzy Dreamz

No one :


Fun fact about death.......

ar dA

The date of this video is up to my birthday


Dion Afeworki

Jeremy lin

Mini0nas lul

I still didn't get why are these easter eggs "unused"

Matthew Hosmer

How do they do these

Kaidra OE

love the new endings! xD

Panda don't worry you are also my favourite

A Google User

You left out the worst thing that happens to the nurse in Thunderball, he blackmails her into sex (aka rapes her) not too much later in the movie.

vadaszzsomik vilmos

When the guys run away and say:segítség valaki segítsen it means:help someone help #i'm hungarian

yanin wangsai



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