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Game of Zones: Kristaps Porzingis by Bleacher Report.Have a laugh and SUBSCIRBE TO MY CHANNEL!Check out my other Knicks Offseason 2018 Videos!Bleacher ReportSUBSCRIBE FOR MORE KNICKS NEWS AND KNICKS RUMORS!: NY Knicks News / Kristaps Porzingis News: Knicks star F Kristaps Porzingis hasn't been in home Latvia rehabbing his torn ACL injury as everyone expected. Instead, he is in Spain working with Real Madrid. Porzingis originally flew to his hometown of Leipaja, Latvia after his exit meeting with the Knicks. However, he felt that going to the world-renowned Real Madrid facilities was a better decision. Real Madrid's basketball team, that boasts one of the top NBA Draft prospects this year in Luka Doncic, is currently in the Final Four of EuroLeague. They are even more famous for their soccer club, which features arguably the best player in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo. Porzingis' performance doctor Carlon Colker says the Knicks' franchise player has been killing his rehab so far. "KP is doing great in Madrid," Colker told The Post's Marc Berman. "His aggressive rehab is at a jaw-dropping rate. In conjunction, his body is already looking beastly. By September, he'll be almost non-recognizable with his shirt off. We're working on increasing his lean muscle mass and also training for a functionality and ruggedness to compliment his game."Though Porzingis is showing good signs at this stage of his rehab, it was expected at the time of his injury in February that he needed 10-12 months to recover. However, some believe that Porzingis is going to miss the entire 2018-19 season. But Knicks GM Scott Perry said everything with Porzingis is moving along as they had hoped. For now. "Things are moving on as expected," he said. "We're looking forward to monitoring him throughout the summer."Perry added that the Knicks would like have a better timetable for Porzingis' return by the start of the new season.Porzingis roaming around during the offseason isn't uncommon from the European big man. Last year, after skipping his exit interview with former team president Phil Jackson, Porzingis went to Latvia and stayed out of contact with the Knicks for weeks. He ended up playing in the European Championship with his native Latvia as well.He has also been training with Colker in Greenwich, Conn. where he is based out of instead of using the Knicks facilities.Throughout his rehab, Porzingis is filming his return to the court through on online web series.

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