Games People Play , Freddy Weller , 1969 Vinyl

Written by Joe South and recorded by Freddy Weller. Concurrent with South's version of the song on the pop charts, Freddy Weller, guitarist for Paul Revere and the Raiders, released a country version of the song in 1969 as his debut single and reached # 2 on the country charts with it.

Kev Kev

Okay, true. The story did have something, it was cool and felt real. But the free roam in gta iv was poor and bad. It was just shooting, pool, darts and driving around a complete city map. What makes gta v in free roam better when you dont look at all the other great things like the realistic sorroundings the sounds and the random dynamic missions, its the thing how much freedom of the map you have. You got forrests, beaches, underwater, city, villages etc. GTA iv was just purely city.

Glier Nemeloc

in borderlands, one of the caracters you are looking for is a man called bruce mclane, i believe is a kind of joke of "bruce" willis in his character john "mclane", theres also someone else but cant remember


I have had all of those in the past 2 weeks....

Kerryn S

you sould do another one

tune untuned

I'm autistic too

Ella Nicole

ugh I wish I had money to join


Does this count for fantasy points

Sayantan mondal


Issa Omari

no no no accelerade

Kristian Arevalo

Sony can ruin your family that’s why you should get an Xbox a computer and Nintendo switch


Wtf? Why did they bleep out the words "sexual" and "pedophiliac"? 😕

Plentyofjuice Totallyjuice

Ewww nudes are not important anyway talk about strength

Fun 01897

Where has panda ben

Grace Mcewen

I hate shopping but Kristin always makes it seems so much more approachable. I’m a 14 on the hip, a 10 in the middle, a 36K on the top, and a size 5 narrow shoe. Can my body just get its shit together please??

Cilan Steele

What's better than a best Easter egg video on Easter?

Julius Sebille

team cody


you forgot one it's very simple but only in the armory of general knoxx there is a road sign that says "Road to Hill 30" if you don't know the game it's from Brothers in Arms collection

TMS2020 Justin B

Watching this after Duke just lost in the first round

hope x

imagine being THIS rich

Felipe Silveira

Essas flecha mais torta que o meu pau

Trick Shots

I subscribed

This is it.

That Poppy

The coolest rocket is bumblebee


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