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Chris Watters dusts off his Gnasher and heads back into the fray in this video review for Gears of War: Judgment.Subscribe to GameSpot Reviews and never miss one!Chris's in-depth review at of War Judgment at!Site - our other channels:Gameplay & Guides - - NASL & eSports - Gaming -- - Live -

Megan Michelle Hinzman

Is the jumpscare really in the game or was that just a joke?

Biddut Chacha

I am a great fan!

A Tax

itz supposed to say nvm it will ruin it lol XD

-Buzzy Bot-

2:37😂👌👌👌 his neck tho

Amy Franks

Otober 18,2011 I was 1yrs old and 12 days old

Miri Sisolak

I have OCD but really bad j had to go to the hospital once

Ryan Donnelly

Pls do a part three? :)


I’m am so extremely sorry, I’m crying

Jazmin A

I’m thinking ima be thinking bout the release day on ur palette more than my fathers birthday

Rosa Nzeakor

2:28, she has really big feet...


So funny hahaha

Hassan Shawky

I will never do a subscribe to that channel

Constant Anxiety

Man this is why I want a dog


You are a very smart boy

Lel The Potato

Dis boy look lik hiro from Big Boy 69

Anthony Wilson

All Ty. Go fuck yourself. I wish everyone broke away from Dude Perfect because of your constant need to be the center of attention and need to be in every camera shot of every video taking 90% of the trick shots while the other 4 do one. Bullshit. Go fuck yourself Ty, you little bitch.

Aymerik Merette

Cool I love fish

noah3760 noah3760




Ulisses Moutinho USA

Penguin Samurai

Best channel every

Or the full last of us gameplay

Jeanette McLean



They are in the map in a locked room. go to the lighthouse, the lowest level of the building next to it, and listen for a while, it worker for me, NO JOKE! Thumbs up!


Why does Tyler look like goose from top gun

Me:is this bish for real? Everyone has flaws even you! And the way she dressed?! Girl she can dress the way she wants to your not her fucking mom or dad!

Christian D lleno

Do the spicy noodle challenge ×6

Tyleronzo Nation



I think this is a new game due to it not being called Rainbow six: Siege and Rainbow Six Outbreak

abdenour zahiri

That is in life ???😮😮😮

funny times

Antonio brown

Evan Kovolski

grenade out Kobe!!!!?

Latasha Lee

No "wonder when she will be an billyonar"

Tammy Terry

I wanted co by to win sorry ty

Sand of Time

seeing this.... a question pop up in my mind... what if.... Mewtwo is just a ditto? that transformed into a mew by not seeing a mew? and somehow they canceled the transformation back to ditto?

Krrish Patel

eggs are pegs and tegs like my legs with megs

Mai Khanh Pham

Great....I hav depression thanks to my “friends”... This was really helpful. Thanks a lot for the information!

Hector Garrido


Try to hold it underwater but it always survives



Jared Morrow


Sanchi Singh


Maddox Madman Vlogs

Cool nice job


You should change the title to : 6 minutes of me finding the same Easter egg all over again in different games


Whare is this. Like what city or state is this store in

raylin hofeldt

this games was a waist of 60$ racist ass shit the black guy is the "blunt expert" wtf terrible gameplay worse voice acting and all around terrible marketing you would preorder for the dlc but joke is on you the dlc doesnt come out for another 3 mounths hahaha bitches

Cool Copin Youtube

People who dislike this is retarded

Thomas Cremens

406,223rd view


dj khaled in mario sunshine :o

PT Productions

"it's just another big ass brownie" LMAO

Warm Jish

This was so fckin deep


_*Monkey Instinct*_

Tien has one arm, so will Future Gohan have one arm?


Mourine Lawrence

Do more plz

Now, look at the last seconds of the video Vengaboys-We like to party. It looks the same to me - maybe a reference?    

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