Game Theory: FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator)

GT Shirts: ONLY A FEW LEFT!!! ► about MORE HOODIES coming NEXT WEEK!For two years, one mystery has continued to linger over the FNAF franchise -- what was in the box? In FNAF 4, the final image is a locked box with the message "Some things are best left forgotten for now." But with the series over, now is the time to answer...WHAT WAS IN IT? Well, it's not all that easy to answer. Because it's my theory, my FNAF theory, that the contents of the box have changed three times. So what was meant to be in FNAF 4's box vs what ended up in it when the credits rolled in FNAF 6? I think we've already seen the solution!SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► out with us on GTLive! ►► THEORIES:Hello Neighbor's Satanic Plot ►► Boxes Hack Your Brain! (Pt 1) ►► Game You Won't Play | Petscop ► Doki’s SCARIEST Monster! ► Bendy Will END! ►►► Mario BETRAYED?! ►► out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►

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Limex Z

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Luke McCrory

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Nathaniei 1

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Five Fingered Gaming

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The Gangsta Samurai


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Aaron Florian

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Eli G

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Aparício Santos

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Erik Morris

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Noticed how the others didn’t know what to do in the outro, just look at fuckin garret

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5:00 He clips a fragment of the skeet he's already shot in addition to the skeet he was aiming for. What are the odds?

Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__125

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Le Rarissime

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Tyler Blade

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One Grumpy Cat

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Benjie Rapinan

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