Genghis Khan - Temüjin the Child - Extra History - #1

As a child, Temüjin was afraid of the world, saddened by its cruelty and an outcast from his own tribe. But his mother, Hoelun, passed on her risk-taking personality to him, a boy who would one day become the famed conqueror Genghis Khan.Support us on Patreon! (--More below)your Extra Credits gear at the store! for new episodes every Saturday! games with us on Extra Play! to us on Twitter (@ExtraCreditz): us on Facebook: our list of recommended games on Steam: Get the intro music here!*Music by Demetori: Get the outro music here!*Music by Sean and Dean Kiner:

Trance YT

Ok, I just have to say, in the world, yes, everyone is beautiful in their own way, but you still need to pay attention to what people think of you. Not everything is serious though, if it's more like "Hhahahagahahhaag fatty" or "Hhahahahahaha eat more" then don't take it to heart, since it's obviously a joke. Now, if your family is genuinely concerned like "Please, lose some weight, you will develop problems and you won't live your best life" or "Please gain weight, this is not okay, you'll die of not getting enough nutrients" then yes, you need to listen, but don't get too obsessive, research on what is a good weight to get on, go to the doctor, they'll tell you the best way to do it. After all, in the end, it's never good to have too much nor is it good to have to little. Just judge for yourself, whether you agree or not, or do self evaluations without that judgement examine how you feel, how hard it is to do daily tasks, etc.


you misspelled misspelled

Jim Elam

You are awesome and awesome to be awesome

RISE Thieves

Foot ball styerotypes

Hundredare Normals

Who's watching in 2017

LORD Brawl Stars

The first one was easy....


Portal 2 still best

ill RandY

theodor herzl junior

Aarush Chandra

Cristiano Ronaldo vs dude perfect

Aleana Hang

Can you link the products?

Tïểü Shïň

Trick shot perfect

Sara Ali


Isa van Kan

i got a story, maybe you can use it. since i was younger i always felt different, but i didn't care about it because i was happy. when i went to school i was best friends with a lot of boys because they where the only persons who where nice to me, girls thought that i was strange and stuff like that. when i was older i became faster friends with girls and i was very happy with that. later one of my friends was getting bullied by a few old guyfriends, i helpt her. after i helpt here the guys started bullying me and the girl that i helpt started to bullying me too. i felt very sad about that. they where hurting me, making me cry everyday. but i didn't want to worry anybody, so i pretended that i was ok. but i wasn't. i hurted to pretend and every time i acted that i was happy, i was feeling a lot of sadness, so i acted happier, wich made me again sad, wich made me act happy, wich made me feeling much sadder than i already was, and i never stopt. later, i wanted to die because of the depriesion i created. iḿ now ok again and have new friends that are loving me no matter what. they're much better than my old friends. i'm a girl btw

Shah Bano Kiani

Say who is panda

Kalvin Trinh


Me:*Nick Young face*

I’m dying it’s so cute

Kalea K

Oh hell no being cheated on made me more confident, girls you gotta know no one cares what you look like or what you're doing, if they judge you then who gives a fuck, we all gotta stick together

Mary Evbota

Happy b day c & c cotton

Deadly Gamerzzz

The 180 wrap around

Me: ...

Omari .W


Brayden Reiter

1 comment = 5 vote for panda revels his face

finds the jumpscare image

The Boss

Panda won’t win

Sujay Sanjith

The sticking basketball shot?

Sam Flores

You'll shoot your eye out is from the movie Christmas Story.

Pedro Sequeira

Tony destroyed him... The shot after the bell was kinda unintentional and you could see it, he did not need that punch to win. Maybe this was the best for Cerrone. He would have been fucked if he had to fight on the 3rd. Hats off to both of them.

Akira Mystique

If elsa aint gay imma throw hands


I cried so hard at the end. Idk why, but this taught me to never have any ill will against my ex boyfriend even if there are some things I didn’t like about him. For memory sake cherish every chapter you have with your special someone and fall in love with the lid that you think finally fits the pot

MT Playz

Who heard ty say the f word at 4:07

Liam Coyle

You should film in Dubuque, Iowa

Avocado Emmy

just watch vines It would go like this

King Ry77

The last one

and so did you

Otaku YT

God.., and that is why I hate highschool


When they were dropping eggs there were eggs on the ground

ræi jima

Somehow this video makes me happy

shweta Mehrotra

I think garret is panda

Family Johar

Team red rules


Tardis everywhere!! :D

They're only $10,000!!

Tuwaitan Gaming

anyone 2018??

Luis Enrique Madrigal

easter egg 2:gear of wars,I did not understand


Okay, but where's the wincest?

Chicken Nugget345

Who is watching this in 2017😀

Michael O'Keefe

I’ll buy it

Jeff Resler

Sharks are crazy and their crazy

Blagoja Tomashevski

the one in serious sam 3 is in serious sam 1 at the begining of the game


I never watched the Powerpuff Girls (I know my sister did) and that "I was an accident too." is the most obvious joke ever to anyone at least 13.

how did you get all of this? is from the curiosity, and do it yourself without any playthrough or secrets thread or searching first and you do it?

Ana CG

that dress at 11:05 made me think of Megara from Hercules wow even the hair fits

Hey I'm Sunsetzzz

Have someone ever notice that garrett always wins the tournaments


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