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Hi, excellent video :D but what about the scarab gun in Halo 2?, I'ts really awesome :) ;)


Supercell missed a hacker. He used 1 barbarian to attack a base literally across the ocean.

John Vanrheede

Where do you get the bat from from in the start

داعس راس بشار الاسد

انت بتعرف تحكي عربي يا صاحب القناة

Jessica Marie

They didn’t give $1000 they gave 200!

*figures out they have dubs*

Dou Lai

Is she from Cambodia judging from her traditional clothing?

Vanda Dy

You're breathtaking!

Just Me Trying To Get 10,000 Subs With No Videos


Kelvin Kuek

what is the name of the song at the background?

remy hite

Slopy Joe from subway


Joshua: Mom and dad are divorcing. for hunting easter eggs"

bd vlogs

DONT BE A HACKISACK BE A BOUNCEY BALL, BOUNCE BACK- tyler toney This quote will be on the walls of your school one day

Flying Fox flys

The panda is coby


Fucking fake ass shit

Swaroop N

I like virtual game

Its Diamond

I think that girl is from Philippines

Lucy Studios

Just can’t imagine the pain...


Anyone notice in the thumbnail ty is giving us the bird

eto koshina

no one :literally no one : Disney: Here's Frozen 2 (basically the same but with different haircuts)


The legend says if u early enough Master Guru will reply....

I’m a guy btw


in bed


Cody is my favorite

Yoav Lavi

LOL in my country everyone is produce inspector


Disgusting tattoos on this bro

after: cried after hearing what happened to the guy, and started hating the girl a tiny big for comparing her boyfriend to other boyfriends when he was trying to make an effort in their relationship (she wouldn’t have known before but still)

Ms.Anisa Aa

I love it


25 pounds omg this is so heavy and hes using 2 hands I can do that with one like wth how weak are you

Sam Bath

0:36 DAP

Lakshya mx vlog

I have downloaded it soo funny game i have ever played with youtube charecter 😂😂

New Year New Me Kelly

Hi Brian


I mean he self diagnosed but accurately


They said they were going to switch to welding helmets when they scale up but they’re still using the same sunglasses as the scene where they claimed “it was not enough” lol


Flyin Blaze

Black Mirror vibes

King Smash

3:27, the my bad guy

Aileen Ambrad

RIP silver

A Generic Name

Awesome to see another video, dude! :)

HunterTheSniper 99

Why was Ty dancing in the background? but it was funny!!!!!

Mikayla Yanchik

You’re an amazing artist ❤️💕!! I love love your art style!

Pete Myers


Fido Winnin

My mf nigga! Stone I fucks wit you the long way. I love you bro R.I.P Nip 😢 1 love 👑

I don't know what I thought


I want to leave my phone to charge but I'm scared


2:25 that was a 30 pointer


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