Giant Bombcast 566: Earthworm Jim = Duke Nukem

This week: strange goings on at Gearbox, Bungie's latest bid for independence, SNES on Switch, Onimusha Warlords, God Eater 3, Bloodborne, Momodora, and your emails!Check out our website: us out on Facebook: us out on Twitter:

Kevin Hooper

That steak is rare , it’s like you just wiped it’s arse across the hotplate .

Jeff Lindsay

12 bounces



10:18 i think i got turbo cancer

Agnieszka Stanicka

1:40 is the only 'eh' bit in the vid, but it's still amazing because Man City!!

S 0 u n d G e n E r a t o r

you're the best at these easter eggs man you are accepted as a part of my life!!!


Anna: I won't let anything happen to her. Elsa: I'm literally God mode now.

Christian Danzilo

In the swinging washer shot you can see all of there attempts lol

Ikillyou Last

Square Enix cares about their fans. Nanmco Bandai has yet to give us a remaster with online for budokai tenkaichi 3😟😔

Someone please explain to me!

Bumble Girl

So um... Yeah... That JUST happened.... "Let it go"to"Cinematic Soundtrack"Disney what is this?

Entees Sutisna


Skyleen Rivera

The USA is a good place for the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community my country has made great progress so good for you

Omer Gouner101

One of the only people that puts effort and doesn’t spend a lot of money in videos

Sub Miner

What is name of episode in spongebob when garry come and spongebob change chanel

Petra Flasarova

I fell into depression two years ago when I was bullied!

Chill Man

Friend:Just be happy again!

Jonghoe Gaming

Love your videos

Leon Hart

Go to hell

Swag Mcduck

Did he use mods for this vid? Cause has unlimited health a 50 match’s

Cruv - Games And Edits

Wow xd nice

Shush !

Beetle juices face through out is so funny

please sub :( - chile

Jayson Soleimany

Where was garrret

Like if you get it 👻

lil Kwesi

Plane to the Chest?


bad saints row is bad for putting parody tardis

Samantha Wallitsch

you did the right thing :D

Chase Salyer

Too bad it’s not going to be in the movie. That was fun.


So Elsa’s making origami now?

Rhys Evans

Its a conspiracy

Lilpeesh 21

Ezekiel Elliot

David Ririe

So glad you ate that piece of fat!

Wietse van Eijsden

Who's watching in 2017?


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