Google Stadia's Game Prices Are Absolutely Ridiculous!

Google revealed the pricing and monthly subscription costs of their Google Stadia cloud gaming service. while the monthly costs and hardware prices aren't absurd, the fact that they want you to pay full retail prices for games is an absolute joke. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more awesome content. Check out Cutting Edge Gamer For Great Graphics Card Leasing Deals (Affiliate Link):To RTUStreams For My Live Content:Me On Facebook:me on Instagram:me on Twitter:cited in this video:#Google

Sayed Musawer

I would love it to be Lionel Messi

Lise Liu

The voice actor of this makes it sounds desperate..

Mellon Swirl

Bijju mike pls have a like for me I’m scared that my parents will happen like that and I’m crying and no in my family loves me I’m always blamed hated and I’m to scared to call 911 and my heart is broken bc u are great and perfect now I’m a huge mess…

Me : no.

Quincy Bell Sports

Definitely the replay guy

precious nochu

(a kpop fan watched ypur video)

Ultra Hyperlink

RIP Old Guy

Viktor Bo3

+FunWithGuru 6:29-6:23 that moving

Chelsea Ørr

She’s not healthy she’s depressed ✌️😱

Dbouakhob 12

Really like him when warns us for jump scares


Anyone else dance and sing to the song "Still Alive"?

quest 77051


brandon dube

We're the real heros behind all this


She's crying because she has a B, and I'm just proud of the C- I got.

Markus Gutteridge


Arbiter Boss man

I don't CARE

heyyy itzzmee


Julien Verveer

what the hack xD shooting rats

Jin Mo-Ri

Man u guys are stupid, it just a comedy its funny.

Redford Hewlett

how do you brake your ankle when you drive a car full of diapers?


I have bad depression and anxiety and schools not helping tomarrow is the 2ed day of school I am taking off;(

Princess MM

Question: did she did or survive because I am confusion

Jillian Studerus

I wonder whAt it’s like getting thousands of likes on ur comment Your phone would just keep beebing

gemers pubg

Siapa orang indonesia yg nonton like


Oh my beloved sisters: they looks so beautiful this time


Weird flex but ok

Tegan Graves

You are in the news paper

Shot So Icy

Subscribe to my channel for more amazing trickshots

Matthew Lamo Chavez

You guys should try yoyo trick shot

Wali Sultan

I love dp !!

Mr. Fish

The international swisher was really the international bank shot

Hacker Hacker

6:46 dat thumb tho

Kiruthiga Vasan

Cricket.. Please

Ryan Kishore

It was obvious that it was checkers

Andrelle and Leighra

I am a Filipino

Pak Skaters

Definitely nope!!

Tareqprogaming 09

Lol france will win like if u aggre

Micah Presakarchuk

go canada

Miguel Villa



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