Great Guitar Solos // A Trip in the 80's Part 1 (1980-84)

NOT FOR SALE - TRIBUTE ONLYThis is my tribute to some of the great rock guitar solos from 1980 to 1984.Erratum: Please read: Dave Murray and Adrian Smith for the solos in theTrooper. Kirk Hammett and not Hammet...I played all guitars, bass, keyboards and I programmed the drums with a Native Instrument plugin. All guitars were recorded with the Kemper profiler. Bass was recorded with a Neural DSP pluginThank you for watching!If you like modern progressive rock/metal, you should listen to my band Universe Effects. is my facebook artist page: do not own the rights for any of the compositions.Tracklist:Back in Black - AC/DC (1980)Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne (1980)YYZ - Rush (1981)Rosanna - Toto (1982)Beat it - Michael Jackson (1982)Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan (1983)The Trooper - Iron Maiden (1983)Fade to Black - Metallica (1984)Hot for Teacher - Van Halen (1984)Jump - Van Halen (1984)

Andrey Allen


DYLANmadrigal TV

I'm watching it in 2017

Also me: visible confusion Hi I’m Bella Thorne, and this is the story of the time I found out I had dyslexia...

best of luck either way :)

chikin out

Please make a part 2



abubakr eksteen

next is Cape Town South African I hope

Diego Tandazo

Agregaron un baile de extraterrestre, la cual viene de un meme de internet

Jack Fennessy

How is that a 10,000,000 point shot? you photo-shopping n00bs!

Mesih Ayu

April 2019 Anyone hare???.


Happiness is always temporal. I think one should seek joyfulness over happiness. Happiness is based on circumstances, and circumstances are sometimes out of our control. Joyfulness is more consistent if you can find it. Joyfulness is simply internal peace, meaning that regardless of circumstance, you may feel unhappy somedays, but you can also have Joy at the same time. Ultimately you can make yourself happy all you want, but when of our times to die come how many of us will be happy that our time is up? Life is short. There are no do-overs. When it's over it's over. Invest in something lifelong and not something temporal. just to go back and explore

Birbo the Turbo


Daniel Bubalo

☃️do you want to build a snowman

K.R.J Dragonosaurus

Omg I have a predictionThere's a magic dimension full of people like elsa and in the end shes gonna have to choose between her new home and her sister 😱😱😱I'm so excited now!!! 😁😁😁

Sahil Mambilly

So, first Wall Sina, then Rose and later Wall Maria.


No Touhou reference..

Joshua Heider

The war ships kinda looks like a coff-in

Kyra White

ty looks like Freddie Mercury in the thumbnail

Frank Black

yeah i know but it's hard to see


I'm sure a lot of us can relate to her.

Oliver McVay

Omfg I was just watching Edward scissorhands the other day and I was literally watching that scene thinking “this is some unintentional asmr”

Matthew Unsworth

Cool 😎

hope and elon

He works at Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Teemo


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Theodore Zafra

Cory and Coby are twins


Bond is handsome so it's not sexual assault.

Sir Spookleton

at 2:33 what pistol is he using, and is it a legendary if it is which is it?

Sney Manrrique

genial @


they r just like the "next micheal jordons" on sdemmon797's channel


andddd this is why i wear a shirt and shorts~

Carlo Cabz

Elsa's parents are still alive?! How much details did I miss from Frozen 1? 🤔🤨

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I'm in ters


Pls have the teens or adults react to the Netflix series “when they see us” !!!

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Lo L

I learned one lesson...    

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