HACKERS in Rainbow Six Siege #2

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Anita Defant

2:37 coby,Cory face

Ashley Newton

play madon 19

Lexi Has a life

This made me cry

Love Angel

can we see snapchat


i loved the video (as always) however....was the borderlands thing a new DLC...because i've never seen or heard of that expansion for the pre sequel



Saylom Flower

Marble in that soccer jersey was so cute but if you tried to play soccer with him he would probably have a heart attack 😂



Kevin Ortiz

I heard the terminator theme but didn't see any terminators. "Giv meh ur ahdress there"

World I cant focus on my exam wich causes me to fail


More Hockey

Vikash Raaz Vikash

We all accept

Ben Lau

ㅗㅑ ㅇㅁㅇ ㅑㅡ 먕두ㅛㅐㅕ 채ㅕㅣㅇ 애 소ㅑㄴ 뭉 ㅠㄷ 해ㅐㅇ

jinat jahan

Make a speed typing

Daniel Ly

Bring the pump back

Rawsa Sapan

I like cory but you guys are mean to him


The clumsy waiter and rage monster is weird acting. I don't know. This is a great video!


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okay, YOU HAD A PHONE AT 8 YEARS OLD! I had to wait till i was 12 and then i got a flip phone got a screen phone when i was 13

Blonde Warning

love it


How are you so sure that people are gonna steal your vids?

Dex Kleeman

how is it a fake you jackweed

My brain: y u bully me

Yaseen Mannan

What happened to faze🤒

Edwardo Franco

nice, so using the freraking gauntlet vanish half of the enemies and your son with them, please tell me this is not permanent, please dont tell me they are going to undu this until the second part of infinity war is relased

Abdullah Hoca


Sufiya Mariyam

Must watch this video

Yee ItsTanGo


Mateusz Wachalski

Film with Tyreek Hill

Kpop Trash

Can we just give a round of applause to whatever artist has the time and patience to do this?! like- nAmE sOmeoNe mOre tALeNteD beSiDes bOb rOsS, iM wAitiNg

MAngel- Kun

pequed se fue a la puta

Max Heinz

I remember watching this for the first time lol


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