Half in the Bag: Child's Play (2019)

Mike and Jay saw the new Chucky movie. The reboot. Not the other new Chucky movie that only came out a couple of years ago. It's a different Chucky now. But there's a new Chucky TV series coming out next year as well. That's going to be the original Chucky. The Chucky they're talking about in this video is the new Chucky. There's two Chuckys. For some reason.

music now

Show who is under the panda costume

Park Harvison

Your videos are awesome


This is horrible...why the heck did I watch this!?

I’m garbage

This lady shouldn’t of said yes to this douchebag in the first place

Elcuervo 12345678

Like si no entendes nada pero lo miras igual jajaj

Thanks for those 4 years of easter-eggs Guru.


how is this #1 on trending

joey: i'm a give a bobby a win


Sling shot is my favorite

Welcome to Amy’s channel

That happened to my uncle

kawaii Pancake Lover Duckmanton

People holding signs:GOD HATES GAY So I played for an hour and reviewed after the game, the camera fixed on the teddy bear, He moved once at nearly half an hour :O

Abrahim Muthana

Is she a boy or a girl

Vermilion God

2:45 is so fucking sweet

Bororen Motel

i feel so sorry for that failing end.


Bad archer huh

Sian Noya

that is cool



Day full Of dream

my first crush was in elementary school oh how he was handsome and he played that i think of it all the guys i had a crush on were soccer players but one was a comedian and he was so funny oh my gosh people are right girls fall for jocks i mean how could i not they were so cute but disgusting at the same time but that didn't matter it was true love! well one sided true love like i would ever let him know my feeling and the crush left as fast as it came its like i didn't have it in the first place

Hannah Faith Catcha



Dumb just looks like someone spilled bleach on it in specific spots and now you're wearing a bleach ruined shirt

U don't wanna something just say no


The way that Indiana Jones game handles seems alot like Lara Croft (first ones, clunky as hell) Just a reskin

Pablo Mahé

2:20 ND could also stand for Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Leeflox #MiniArmy

Duuuude these you Tube adverts sucks

socorro gutierrez


Wrapped around my neck (A rope)


Do airsoft trickshots


Gabe newells face in Half-Life is actually a tool texture NOT an easter egg.. "AAATRIGGER", it was glitch on that map


How to kill the audience 101

Mayomations But worse

I want a chloe..



The poor dogs :(

Satya yet dynamic and a cjgigojpdtsl Star

But my alltime Favrouite Character !!💖💖💖

Harold Baes

"Kids, don't try this at home" Do I look like have a 500 ft tower in our house???

Girl, I support you❤️

A Dude

I can't wait for you to do the last of us 2

Garry Thind

3:58 he looked scared of him





Brandon Tran

2:15 Dab Police!!


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