HELP TALK: Biases in Decision Making by Dr. Sanjyot Pethe

This video is a talk by Dr. Sanjyot Pethe on 21st June 2019. Topic "Biases in Decision Making" This is part of theHELP Talk series at HELP, Health Education Library for People, the worlds largest free patient education library.Speaker Website link : our last video : Link:www.healthlibrary.comYoutube:for watching!!PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE:

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I am told by my parents I'm lucky to have them as my parents and I am thankful and not just because of that I don't understand this I totally understand there are times I experience this so I understand especially the ignoring part and for those who has parents like this I wish your parents and your life will be better

Tee Padilla

Not sure how I feel about the Dr. find someone that is informative, warm and welcoming ❤️ you want to feel completely comfortable with the Dr who will be bringing your baby into this world ❤️

Dzoni Latic

what's that clip in the outro of the video?

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11:35 This shit pisses me off. As much as I don't know your struggles, you also do not know mine. Being a straight white man doesn't give you entitlement to an easy life. Some people are so caught up with this idea of victimhood that they can't fathom the fact that others struggle too. I, as a straight white man, do not have a single right that any orientation, minority, or gender doesn't have.

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Do anulom vilom and kapalbhati pranayam 10min each,,you will 100% get relief within 15/20 days,,just try once,,only 20 min/day can change your life,,

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I noticed a reference to the book "invisible man" by Ralph Ellison in the basement with the companion cube... the lights on the celeing are like the ones described in the prologue of the book.

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