henning kvitnes- in the ghetto


Hutnah Jones

bring on episode 5!!!

eryx eryx

i love panda

Muhammad Khan

3:53 Best Thing in the world


Sam, can I recommend SPG from sucklebusters out of Texas. Makes all the difference!

Mark Dong

Who is watching after Real Life Trickshots 3?

Cancer: hold my disease

Hana c

the art is great

Sliver and Nancy

1 like and the s*ut PE teacher dies

I warned you spoilers :/

Ya Boii Baked Potatos

These guys are beating world records when I can't even beat 70% on my math tests

Tori PlayZ

Thats so lucky 2 months but um 5 months with it

kitty playz youtube

Oh sorry your a girl


Grand Phantasma

still no lichen king

The Steres bros

Comment if you LOVE DUDE PEFECT

oreo rosas

They keeped on trying

Ajayveer Rana

I think u guys should not waste this much amount of food! Not everyone gets to eat every day!


You just Killed my Childhood :( :D

keep up the great work

Not trash Just recycling.

I just really can’t. I really don’t know why but that’s just the way it is. People will think I’m too you nag understand and they would be right. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Shez Dom

1:22Sims 4: Frozen Expansion Pack

Neupranya Gaming

the first time i herd the raidio signel i panicd and shut off my comp, i thought it was my commputer.

AMY More like ARMY x3

Hmm I still judge you

Waya Vlogs

I wasted my time in high school on YouTube, my channel never grew, but you want to know something?? I was happy doing YouTube, people in school said I wasn’t ever going to make it... but guess what ??? Did I ever let them stop me from doing what I loved to do, my passion, my love, ofcourse not, while stressing my life out on school, I did not need money to make me happy because I had free enjoyment doing stuff I loved !!! Everyone should find hobby’s that can keep them happy without needing to keep spending loads of money on!!!


The Raptors are the luckiest team in NBA history. If GS was healthy they would have swept these clowns. GS has played 512 games the last 5 years. These guys truly are WARRIORS.

Dave Borror

the rage monster is getting kinda old


1:38 well super Carlin brothers guessed trolls and here they are


There's a carriage called "Kauffman farms" (or something) a reference to the Kaufmann Cab Company from gta vice city?

Reid Otermat

I'm surprised there were no dents in the car after threading the needle


hes jumping for joy, but he just lost 50 dollars... i don't get it.

Tim Mit

There is another reference to Sweeney Todd in the dreadful crime mission, the fiend of fleet street. The barber you interrogate is called Feeney Sodd.


The video about the game easter eggs is almost longer than the real game! (sarcasm)

Ethan Kempson


El Andru

One Punch Man, Smile Man is based of "El Chapulin Colorado" a mexican superhero

Quentin Lefevre

What is that beautiful song ? :D

lots of stuff

rare will probably never get an award again.


thats meh ;-;


bruhhhh moment

can't relate

Elvin Titaley

Dude perfect indo??????

triple threat gaming

Panda is the best


I can really really relate to this. The biggest thing I hate is when my mom compares me from others (my friends, her friend's child, etc). It does make me feel that I'm not good enough for my mother.

Frosty WCA

My mom compares me to others...


What is the super bowl 🏟?


Hope Swope lands with the Bears

Prince Ea: ThEnNnNnNn

Happy and Fun Siblings

Daniel cutting in 2019 2018 and in 2017 has and had a beard



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