Here's Why The Nintendo 3DS Was A Nightmare To Work On

The Nintendo 3DS released back in 2011 and as they started to break it became clear that fixing the system wasn't for everyone. Many stores would turn away repairs that went too deep into the system. Today we'll take a look at what repair shops would stay away from and why the 3DS is a nightmare to repair.100 Dollar Giftcard Giveaway: @SpawnWaveMediaSpawn Wave Merch: Supporting Us On Patreon: Us On Twitch: To Our Weekly Podcast: www.bensound.comLike Comment and Subscribe!Thanks for watching!#Nintendo #Nintendo3ds #TechWave

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the best easter egg was the minecraft one.

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This video made me cry I usually never cry for this but it made me realize how bad my parents were with me and my brother they would always compare us to other children never help us in our dreams I... I don't know what to do anymore blame them or blame myself

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The only reason I knew that you were British and have a British accent is because of your Best Easter Eggs Series on Google which basically showed that you lived in the UK. Nice voice though. :D


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