Hitman 2 Review

Fantastic new level designs, minor but meaningful additions, and some excellent bonuses help strengthen the endurance of the Hitman series. Read Edmond's in-depth review at!

Dylan Herberson

Love the Portal reference (w)-b

Singalong Monkey


/Vicente\ Badano

Panda won the race!!! Its the best

Damiano Ramirez

In the portal part with the big '2' the song mixed incredibly with Glados voice.

All because of a stupid ball my dad bought because i was too curious"


I just noticed his 100k sub special will also be his 100th video AWESOME

Ghost Jeff

Wait there was a time that Ty didn’t have a beard?!

Bryan Martini

The dragon is like what r u doin

Asmitapspo Newa

Thank you!!

Zachary Villarreal

Its funny that in the recommendations of this video there's a video that says Scarlett sounds a lot like ps5 PlayStation is better but props to XBOX's game pass

Oops Lyrics

Dona Lyn

I'm 5ft5. So that's me everyday😁


This Girl: I'm bipolar and I can see things that aren't real

Laura Carrera

Llegar antes del millón es una locura 🤣💛

Jeremy Filomio


Aurum Blaze

Fortnut is really bad with balancing items and such.

my friend: tHaTs NoT gUd


The person who dislike is jealous!


This is their least viewed video

Beng M. Salud

1:32 when you get report card and you see straight A’s

Chad Harshman

So Tyler when you said the dirty curve it hit the rim and then went in

Nadhif Akbar

Mann that must be painfull

Shanna Ard

Who wants to know who panda is. # telluswhopandais

No one mentioned it but he looks like fuc king shaggy

Charlotte Finan

Hi guys you are so cool

Aaron Maclean

Target arrow with another arrow in flight??

Mackenzie Martin


Danni Wills

so ain't nobody gonna talk about that semi-plot twist

Kelsey Allison

I knew it was a North Korean leader when I saw people overreacting at a funeral.

Dustin Delaney

empire state building should be next


oh and are u british??? :D


Nerf Perfect

Rumaan Techno

My favorite😍💕 4:18

Ionut Cristian


Ea: nah I do force unleashed “light side version”

Aa Ll Ii HD

Man now i know why i subscribed.

sharon martinez

Last one was the shit!!


i want that ringtone :D

Kerker S

Mashed Potatoes are very easy made in the Kitchen Aid with the Flatmixer. All Ingredients in the Pot an let them Mix ! You are ready to go. Fluffy mashed Potatoes... I and you will love this.... !

Hunter Rafte


Tyler Mccrae Gav

Hi I am going to try to my house to my office and I am at the house

Be skinny to get friends.    

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