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Aesthetic Edits

It’s funny to think that this was supposed to be a minute long

Michael Teer

I’m with cobs

Weirdo World

And this was all because someone kicked a ball over a gate...

Riley Vlogs

Boom stick was awsome

Zavien Franklin

Why was the image for The Conjuring that of The Cat in The Hat?

Brent 13377331

I’ve seen another story of ocd which is kinda like contamination but it’s not actual illness they are scared of. Basically anything that passes through her home town she can not be near for risk of being contaminated with an imaginary substance triggered by their ocd.


Anyone watching this in 2018

Luke Sanders

TY is the best don't bully

Lora Knight

You should do an animal stsrotype

มลฤดี ศรีประเสริฐ



Would love to see "Tati out of her comfort zone"- looks. Like the neon blue one, because I'm sure you could pull that color off so well!

Alaa Eleathig

OMG In a few days 4M , This is a great achievement

Jack Duxbury

Don't worry I'll keep our little secret ;)

dkm dancer

My friend has had her period every day since she first got it. That was about 9 months ago maybe 10.

Baby Keith

I struggle with depression 😭😭😭🤒

Armybts 19

It's hard to say..... I talked to my mom how I feel but I didn't say that I hv depression.. She said that it's just bcz of my period...

ClickbaitKing_ Kazok

I guess I can’t really hold it back anymore ❄️☃️❄️


I love this game so much already 35 hours in it


Is this game worth it?

Jeyhun Zeynalov

I love you dude perfect for the vid

Demon Spawn

but that moment where ash doesnt remember every thing that has happened to/around him after the seasons and movies.

PuLSe_ Shadow

So long ago

J&S Cisneros

I have a Nerf Fortnite blaster it’s a scar

Pickle Rick

he knows nothing about sneakers

Harin Mehta

And I also subscribe your dp Chenell

Archer JR

1:47 best one

LayLay Waffles

Shit, I wish I was overweight.

Pale Rose

My parents would say I’m seeking attention-

Owen Franke


Hey I'm Sunsetzzz

Have someone ever notice that garrett always wins the tournaments

Can Karapalanci

Wacht 047 this is not real

Ragu shesh

Trick shots with LeBron James


i honestly wonder how people figured out that phantom one in BF4

Ricky Rodriguez

My name is Ricardo


Do more classic Easter eggs

Jayden Melendez

I have always wanted to be in one of your videos

Dylan Tran

I agree

Katherine Thomas

I don’t know for sure.... but is someone waiting for Jack Frost in this movie....Jelsa is my most fav Frozen ship 🛳

shreyansh jain

my favourate football team is barcelona


Wow this is the time that they didnt have a super big place xD

1000 times?

mekie Abdela

Who else say this SAME STORY on Bright Side and knew at once that this is a true story.

nicole chronopoulos

Bowling pin is fake


Nice meme at the end. It made me chuckle.

Eduardo Perez

Evreryone see this in 2018


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